Check Out Tales of Xillia's Box Art

Namco Bandai has released the box art for the international Tales of Xillia release.

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Agent Smith2038d ago

I like that they kept original boxart.

sinncross2038d ago

Indeed. Its a nice box for sure.

OtakuStudy2038d ago

I agree with both of you - it is a very nice cover artwork :-)

Inception2038d ago

Namco did a great job for graces f localization (i bought 2 copies of it, standard and special day 1 edition). Hope they do the same thing for xillia ;)

Btw, for western gamers who's not buying graces f and prefer xillia than graces f, well, i hope you all speak the truth and buy xillia in a hearbeat when it release. Because if we hear bad sales for xillia, don't expect another localization for future tales game, specially xillia 2!!!

Hicken2038d ago

Why can't it be out already????

... not that I've finished Graces yet...

ZeroX98762038d ago

Can't wait for this to come out! Tales of Graces F was awesome and Vesperia too, so I'm hoping this one's good.

DivineAssault 2038d ago

great.. I like japanese art much btr than western