AMD's CrossFireX Will Become Available In March

Softpedia writes:

"AMD will let its users migrate to larger and more powerful CrossFireX configurations with the advent of the upcoming Catalyst 8.3 driver package, which will be released in March. Although it has been talking about CrossFireX setups with more than two graphics cards, the company did not release the driver to support such a setup.

Initially, the driver was slated for a January release, but it was delayed to march in the old AMD manner. The next Catalyst release will be version 8.2, and not 8.3. The 8.2 version is rumored to kick in on Wednesday, February 13 (no bad luck at all, hopefully). At the same time, the 8.2 version will be the latest Catalyst build to come with no support for triple and quad-GPU configurations. Multi-GPU configurations will be extremely important for both AMD and Nvidia in their quest for graphics market domination."

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