Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions: Is the Magic Back?

Resident Evil is like that underachieving, drunken uncle you can’t help but feel sorry for. You’ve seen him at the peak of his competence but you’ve observed his downfall ever since; knowing its only going to get worse.

Perhaps a tad too dramatic?

Well, who gets excited nowadays for a new Resident Evil game? There you go.

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Game0N2279d ago

Resident evil will never be the same again.

Carl_Shocker2279d ago

You know what makes me think about the demo, thats probably Capcoms best efforts to get the best part of the game to show off and they failed

Besides I feel like they've made the game far to easy now, you can abuse the melee system, the quick draw feature, you don't need to stun enemies to counter them, health regen...I could go on.

If Leons section is supposed to be horror with improved las plagas enemies....oh sorry I mean "Zombies" then this game fails in my eyes.

Dualshockers_Carlos2279d ago

Yeah, this demo actually BORED me. I was actually bored playing this...When it drops to 14.99 at bestbuy, pick it up!

Carl_Shocker2279d ago

I don't see why people don't do that...I will

I mean when people say "Your going to get the game anyway" I'm like hell yeah I am, I want to finish the story but I can easily wait until it goes in the bargain bin, I mean the CE that is on GAME for £120 is not going to sell, it will be put down to £40 in no time and when I buy it I would have paid the same price I would of payed for the game plus all the goodies along with it I can sell later for a profit.

If everyone has a rough idea what the game is going to be like then don't buy it, whats the point giving Capcom a happy sale for runing the game. You get a lot of people saying "I'll buy it to give it a chance" it's like gamers today think they have to buy a game to officialy state that they hate it. I mean they've shown plenty off for RE6 I think we can easily judge it before it comes out.

Even the people who like the look of the game, the new fans, even if you guys wait and buy it when it's in the bargain get it for cheaper and you hit Capcom where it hurts which will benenfit all of us as gamers in the future with their future games.

Anyway I hope this game will teach Capcom for treating fans like crap. I mean how can you take all the complaints in from RE5 and ignore them.

CrimsonWing692278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )


Got a few questions for ya':

So the game, you have a serious hate on for, is still a game you will buy? Also, you say you're invested in the Resident Evil story, but why if this isn't a "Resident Evil" game to you, do you care at this point? Or is it safe to say that the fiction in itself is what defines a Resident Evil game?

Why can't people, who in fact legitimately like this game, go out and support the developers for making a game THEY like even it's not a game YOU like?

Your idea of "sticking it to Capcom" is to make the series fail so they don't make it anymore? I mean let's be honest, that won't happen, but your conception is rather flawed, ideally.

Hoping this game will fail to teach Capcom for treating their fans like crap? Seems pretty subjective to me Carl_Shocker, I'm a fan since the beginning and I like the new games and I don't feel like they're "crapping" on me. So why don't you just move on from the series? Or do you, in fact, still have interest in the series despite your agenda and smear campaign against the new Resident Evil games?

You asked how can they take all the complaints from RE5 and ignore them? Um, one complaint was not being able to move and call me crazy, but wasn't that addressed in RE6?

So basically you're telling me I'm not to support the game I like so it teaches Capcom a lesson which is "Carl_Shocker's opinion is the end all be all" and people who like this game aren't allowed to like and support it because again, Carl_Shocker doesn't like it?

Look, man, we know you don't like it. That's great and your opinion matters to some people. But why do you have to go to every RE6 story and post rhetoric and push an agenda? Can't you just leave your opinion on one story forum and leave the other forums open to people who like the game? What really gets me is you don't even have the b*lls to go through with your conviction and NOT buy the game.

It's so weird that you stated that despite every ounce of you wanting this game to fail, to teach Capcom a lesson, and how much you hate the game you are still going to buy it. Which adds a sale and a unit sold.

So, game's you do like, do you support the development and possibility of a sequel by waiting for the game to go in the bargain bin? You basically said you can't understand why fans of THIS game don't wait to buy it for super cheap.

Are fans of this game not allowed to like it on their own merits? Why don't you stand along with your ideology and just not buy this game and avert any attention away from the Resident Evil 6 articles that praise the game? Or do you secretly like it that much?

TGF_Carlitos2279d ago

Was this game even needed? Good thing they moved up the release date on this! I'll stick dead space, thanks

GrahamGolden2278d ago

and u think dead space 3 will be different ?
it turned to another ucharted of wars clone just like res5 and now 6.

u want a TRUE horror game this gen ?

amnesia is your game buddy

Dualshockers_Carlos2279d ago

To Carl: Lets not forget this is still just a demo but i definitely know where you going with that. I didn't buy RE5 on launch but i did get the gold edition the year after and it came with every single DLC.

helghast1022279d ago Show
GammaSix2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

I swear you people just dont learn

No matter how many times capcom give updates about the final build, you guys keep bitching about old shit.

Cant wait to have a blast.

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