Plextor Chooses Unified HD with New Blu-ray/HD DVD Drives

Xbitlabs writes:

"Plextor, a leading supplier of various optical disc drives (ODDs), on Wednesday unveiled two new drives that are compatible with all optical media available to consumers, including Blu-ray disc (BD), HD DVD, DVD and CD. The new devices outline importance of dual-format high-definition optical drives due to relative popularity of both competing standards.

The new drives from Plextor are combo drive PX-B300SA with BD and HD DVD support as well as Blu-ray burner PX-B920SA that is also compatible with HD DVD, which are scheduled to arrive in late February to Europe. The announced products are likely to substitute Plextor's Blu-ray only PX-B900A burner, which was announced last year, and enable end-users to watch high-definition movies regardless the type of media they are released on."

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avacadosnorkel3691d ago

they got you covered with this product

f7ss13691d ago

im a blu ray man but this would be a pretty good option for someone lookin for an hd periphial

zambrota3691d ago

WHy would i buy a UNIFIED format player when i know that one format is dead. I think Toshiba could infact pay them to make drives like these.

However i have never heard of this brand and i buy SONY,SHARP,PANASONIC,SAMSUNG,H ITACHI products and they all are BD exclusive supporters excepting SAMSUNG

M_Prime3691d ago

Hey, Plextor has been around for ages. Ever since i can remember. They have always made good dependable drives. All that BRAND NAME stuff you mentioned comes from companies that make many things. Plextor is mainly drives so the quality is top notch.

I would probably never buy a SONY drive because i would be paying for the brandname, like i would probably never buy a VIO unless the price was really good.

and having BOTH formats means no matter who wins in the format war, the consumer will win in the end cause they didn't buy an obsolete format. I would defeinitly consider buying this if i wanted to move to a HD format since i could buy bother BLU-RAY and HD-DVD to round out my library, not being limited to whats out there per format. And most importantly i would be able to buy whichever movie was cheaper/on sale to save some dough. but I like my DVDs still.

So good job PLEXTOR, way to think smart and make the consumer the real winner in this silly war.

cooke153691d ago

Guys HD DVD is not dead. its still 45% of the total market share.. if you think that is dead then PS3 is dead because its only 25% of the market share or less. Think about what you say before you say it.

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meepmoopmeep3691d ago

a little too late for the party

Audiggity3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

True dis

Audiggity3691d ago

Someone smart enough to build an HTPC probably didn't buy a PS3. So; this would be good for them in combination with a new ATI video card w/ HDMI out.

zambrota3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

a 200$ BD writer/rom is on the way

U could get one too for 300$

the cheapest BD player costs 298$.

why would i spend moeny on a DEAD FORMAT+BD PLAYER especially when the manufacturer of the player is RELATIVELY UNKNOWN

90% of the optical disk manufacturers dont even produce HD DVD discs and it includes Hitachi and TDK the best in business

a new VDO card for PCD would cost 400+$. why would i purchase that when i can get a pS3 --that is not only the best BD player in the market but has the best lineup for 2008 too

Audiggity3691d ago

First and foremost, you are throwing around some very general price points.

Second, they are obviously targeting people who are able to build their own PC's. I agree that HD is essentially dead, but, what if this drive is released at a comparable price?

If a cheaper BD drive comes along, consumers will once again make up their minds and HD will come up even shorter on the list.

Evolution is not immediate. Let HD die with a couple last stabs.

tordavis3691d ago

Plexor has been around for YEARS! They were making drives before Sony I think. They are a good drive making company.

Bathyj3691d ago

Its idiots like this hedging their bets that are just prolonging the inevitable and therefor hurting everyone in the long run.

Plextor just made my list.

f7ss13691d ago

your exactly right, when i think about it, its companies like these that are just prolonging this hddvd vs bluray debacle. im just waiting for that episode of simpsons where snake pick up a dvd like player and says " sweet a blu ray player.... awww hd dvd..."

meepmoopmeep3691d ago

agreed, why do companies say it's good for the consumer when it's not it hurting them longer and the industry as well. let one die quickly and get on with life

LoydX-mas3691d ago (Edited 3691d ago )

then don't buy it.

If someone wants it, then they will buy and it still won't make a bit of difference which format wins or looses.

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