Wii U: 'Never underestimate Nintendo,' says Firebrand Games

Since the announcement of the Wii U launch date and price last week, everyone has had an opinion on the next console from Nintendo. Today, the Sun effectively wrote the machine off as outdated and overpriced – but what do developers think?

Firebrand Games is a Scottish developer specialising in racing titles. Having produced conversions of titles such as Need For Speed and Trackmania, it is currently working on an unannounced multi-platform title, which will appear on Wii U. We got some questions to creative director Peter Shea about the machine and what it may offer in the year to come.

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Hatsune-Miku2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I didnt underestimate Nintendo with the Wii because I was a fanatic. I bought over 40 games trying to convince myself that the Wii is good. I ended up with over 40 games which I hated with rubbish controls but a lot of hype from fanboys

The Wii u is going down the same path for Nintendo with barely any exclusives on the horizon and mass port of third party

PopRocks3592155d ago

You blew $2000 before you decided you hated Wii games...?


Griffin48712154d ago Show
Hatsune-Miku2154d ago

Correct. I wasted money on the Wii trying to believe the Wii was good with a revolutionary controller. I enjoyed playing the xbox and ps3 but still loved the Wii. Talking to my mates and fanboys about Nintendos future console gave me hope and how the Wii u will be better. I enjoy playing on the pc with its high specs and believed the NES fanatics in thinking that the Wii u will be powerful sporting over 4-6gbs of ram with a modern video card. Nintendos secrecy for a system that was unveiled over a year and a half ago was silly and was making me upset.

I remember most people saying how Wii u was powerful and its next gen and all with only about 2 saying it was weak with only 1gb of ram dedicated for games. I didn't believe it and NES fanatics were touting how its at least six times the power of a ps3 based on what a lot of devs said. My faith in Nintendo was waning after e3 because the system was still shrouded in secrecy. Then the Nintendo event thingy opened my eyes to the truth. Wii u is weak and will rely on mass ports of old and outdated tech. It will continue to get games that will be on ps3 and xbox which are 7 years old.

Next gen systems will be extremely more powerful and most developers right now as we speak are making games for the next gen consoles that the Wii u can't support. It'll be like the Wii again getting left out to lower quality titles and first party lower grade games. I'm already sick of most game tech this gen because I've been playing them for years where my favourite gaming platform to play on is pc. Look at bf3, the witcher 2, project cars, mgs 5, watch dogs and you can see where the next gen systems will be at. Those games are the lowest of the low for next gen. Imagine what uncharted 4, killzone 4, gt 6 and other games will look like being worked on by these talented dev teams. Wii u games will look ancient. To each his own.

Salamander2154d ago

@ Hatsune-Miku

You my friend are either extremely gullible or (i think most likely) a lier.

As if you bought a console and 40+ games because your mates and fanboys said its going to be awesome -if so, i agree with Griffin.

As if you bought a console +40 games because you so desperately wanted to believe -if so, i agree with Griffin.

As if you bought a console +40 games and were not satisfied. Which could be true i suppose considering the amount of Wii U articles you troll- If so, i feel sorry for you.

But i know your lying, becase you cant be that stupid. BAHA a semi inteligent person would not have bought his 30th game, if all previous 29 games were shitbricks let alone 40 and over. Unless of course you bought the console and 40+ games at the one time- if so i agree with Griffin... alot.

This will be the last time i reply to any of your posts, as its obvious your getting a rise trolling.

BTW I agree with Griffin.

TripC502154d ago

Yeah totally agree.. Nintendo sucks.. Um so you wouldn't mind giving away your wii gear and games to me so I can um... Burn em up and stuff. Yeah I'm gonna love play... I mean burning that junk. What do you say bro?

mamotte2154d ago

You bought the wrong games. Not every game with a "party" in the name is supposed to be a party. I have more than 40 quality games in my Wii.

Lucretia2154d ago

thats impossible......i mean unless u got all those Mario soccer, tennis and mario Bad mitten games and you enjoy them.

but in my collection only about 21 games are worthy of being called great.

my opinion of course though,

im curious on your list lol.

mamotte2154d ago

In no particular order

Wario Ware: Smooth Moves
Boom Blox
Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Kirby's Epic Yarn
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Sonic Colors
Red Steel 2
Mario Kart Wii
Monster Hunter Tri
No more heroes 1 & 2
Dead Space Extraction
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
Twilight Princess
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2
Metroid Prime Trilogy
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Trauma Center: New Blood
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside chronicles
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Trauma Center: Second Opinion
Xenoblade Chronicles
Rhythm Heaven Fever
Skyward Sword
Rayman Origins
Little King's Story
Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon
A Boy and His Blob
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
Epic Mickey
The House of the Dead: Overkill
Sonic Colors
Deadly Creatures
The Conduit & 2

These and various stupid silly games -tbh- like Just dance series and some party games wich are great to have a great day with friends. I tried my best to not get multiplattform games in there, too, like the great RE4: Wii edition.

Hope this helps your curiosity.

cleft52154d ago

Bro I looked at what the Wii was offering objectively and decided not to buy it. I am sorry for all you folks that got burned, but you have to make purchases objectively based on what is there and what you know will be there.

With that said, I am buying a WiiU because there is already enough stuff their to justify my purchase. I want to play ZombiU, Bayonetta 2 when it's released, Wonderful 101, Raymend Legends, the good Wii games I missed, the Nintendo 1st party games, and I like what I saw of Nintendo TVii. My purchase is based in the value that I know I will get out of the WiiU, not in some idiotic loyalty to a company.

linkratos2154d ago

Areyou implying that everyone who bought one got burned? I easily got my money's worth.

Rockoman162154d ago

That did not make any bloody sense, stop taking pills Miku!!!!!!!!

ChickeyCantor2154d ago

"Wii u will be powerful sporting over 4-6gbs of ram with a modern video card."

Even if they threw in 10 gigs, if the PS4 would have 20 gigs you would still say that Nintendo fails.

You don't even understand hardware. You are just throwing around numbers.

4 to 6 gigs for an embedded gaming system ? Yeah sounds F'kn cool. Why not throw in a nuclear reactor while we are at it.

Considering what they did with 512 for OS and Games on the Ps360. You don't take into count that the Wii-U got 1 gig fully dedicated to games and 1 gig dedicated to OS and running apps. Wii-U will do mighty fine.

You need to stop with this nonsense and just enjoy games. Nintendo didn't kill your dog or anything. You're not on a quest for F'n vengeance.

glopez2154d ago

OMG!!!! Can't you people just stop with the ports?? You guys act like the PS3 and 360 came out with 1000's of original ip's when they launched!! If I remember correctly they too had ALOT of ports!!! Guess what, when the PS4/nextbox come out guess what they'll have??....... PORTS!!!!! Shocking I know!! This is really getting ridiculous.

This is coming from a Ps3,wii,psp,ds owner.

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eagle212155d ago

"Never underestimate Ninty.."

Damn right. :)

blackburn102154d ago

Or the people that kiss their a$$es. C'mon really? Nintendo underestimated Sony and lost just about every thing because they did and only managed to dig themselves out of the pit they were dropped in with the Wii mote gimmick. They failed before and people seem to think that they can never fail again. You should always remember not to over estimate Nintendo either.

Sony and Microsoft haven't even thrown their hat into the next gen ring yet and people are running around saying crap like this. They got Bayonetta 2 which isn't even any big deal and people are dancing in the streets as if they just got COD as an exclusive and got tens of millions of the fanbase. They got a million people at best. So what? I know people are excited about the Wii U but knock it off for goodness sake.If the next PlayStation came out and I was saying this kind of stuff that Nintendo fans are saying I would attacked saying I am a Sony fanboy and should shut up about how great the PS4 is. But there seems to be no limit to the @$$ kissing people are giving Nintendo and any attempt to say otherwise is met with a million disagrees.

swansong2154d ago

I won't underestimate nintendo,thats why I will wait six months for them to drop the price of the wiiu and get it for $169.99.

Godmars2902154d ago

The point is - I don't care.

As far as I'm concerned they invalidated themselves as a maker of game platforms by introducing the Wii which was both incomplete, requiring Wii+, and not its system's "main" controller. They blew it as a game maker by having to be begged for titles like Xenoblade.

I don't care how many articles are written about how the Wiiu has the best launch line up ever because most of it is made up of current gen titles. I don't care about sold out pre-orders because those are likely opportunist looking to put the hottest and hyped thing on Ebay at ten times the actual price.

I just don't care because I don't think Nintendo cares anymore.

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