Daily Reaction: Sony’s Depressing TGS Showing

Yesterday, Daily Reaction discussed our hopes and predictions for Sony’s TGS conference, debating what we expected to see revealed. But with their big moment now over, what did we think? Has Sony brought the big guns out for this holiday season? Will Vita sales skyrocket? Read on to find out. - PSLS

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Snookies122278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

No Versus XIII? Congrats Enix, the game is now officially out of my mind. I'll still pick it up whenever/if it ever launches, but I'm way beyond tired of waiting.

doctorstrange2278d ago

Same for The Last Guardian.

It's time to move on :(

NovusTerminus2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Was it the best? No, but it was not horrible.

Sony was going to focus on the Vita, that should not have been a surprise at all. Handheld systems are extremely popular in Japan, so they have to sell it there above anywhere.

TLG, vsXIII, ASBR not being a no show was kinda sad, but all in all they showed some good solid Vita games, so I am fine for now.

I know everyone is gonna say I am just defending Sony blindly and I am a fanboy, which is not true, I know it could have been better. But seeing Soul Sacrifice, God Eater 2 and Valhalla Knights 3, with Toukiden announced sounds promising to me.

And we did get to see Ninja Gaiden Z. (Can't remember if they kept the "Yaiba" part, sorry.)

EDIT: We have seen bad, need I bring up "skittles"? or the Wiimote drummer? Sony's E3 '06? Jamie Kennedy (sp?) for Activision? Nintendo Land at E3 '12, Sony's painful "Wonderbook" display.

doctorstrange2278d ago

Too many of the Vita games are also coming to PSP, it needs exclusives.

ftwrthtx2278d ago

I wouldn't say depressing, but I would say I wish there had been more.

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