Playing Guild Wars 2 with a DualShock - the perfect MMO for PS3

PSU writes: "What I've discovered is a revelation. Guild Wars 2 not only plays well with a controller, it plays like a dream. By using L1 and R1 to swap the functions of the face buttons and D-pad, I have access to all of my skills, free movement and camera control, and more targeting options than I ever bothered using on my keyboard.

To help out our community of PSU readers, I've written a tutorial on how to set up your DualShock 3 to work with Guild Wars 2, using the control scheme I've settled on."

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porgep2158d ago

I've done this and it works really well. Really hope this comes to consoles soon!

decrypt2157d ago

Well its not hard to get the console experience from this game.

All you would have to do is get the DS3 working, however u would need to make some adjustments:

You need a FPS limiter utility, limit the FPS to 25fps (since that is what the console version will run at if there is one)

Dial back all the settings to the minimum aka lowest textures, no AA, Res at 600p or so.

Plug the PC up to any HDMI TV and there you are done.

Oh and throw the keyboard away since u wont be able to type msgs on console hence no point of a keyboard.

2157d ago
ZeroX98762157d ago

There's some games running at 60 fps on console, so the game is playable on PC with a controller at 60fps, putting a frame limiter would just be Stupid.

Anyway you probably said that because your mainly a PC fanboy. with your previous comments, LOL, no wonder you said something like this.

I see a console as a PC, I bought my PS3 and 360 at launch and I'm still enjoying them. It's the same thing as buying a pc in 2006 and running it until now.

Sure, I can shove a fair amount of money and buy a decent pc right now, but Seeing how the masses buy more and more consoles for gaming and , I want to be able to play with my friends in the same house as them and most of them are playing on consoles.

PC gaming still got their own great exclusives, but I don't have the time to setup a pc for gaming. Even less bringing a desktop to my friend's house. that's why PS+ is really nice for ps3. Patches, system updates are downloading themselves trough the night, so there's not so much maintenance to do.

TopDudeMan2157d ago

Don't use motioninjoy guys, the 64 bit version causes bluescreens.

DeadlyFire2157d ago

Next gen console maybe. I think current gen would struggle to run it.

AzaziL2151d ago

Current gen can handle the graphics on performance settings at 720p, but the bottleneck is how they handle with hundreds of people playing simultaneously. This is the reason a majority of console games top out at 18-24 players max.

One can only hope this issue is resolved on next gen consoles as it would be insane to hold back the multiplayer opportunities that are only offered on PC.

DeadlyFire2149d ago

Well if Ps4 has x86 then that problem is solved on day one.

I am not sure about Xbox 720, but I am certain it will hold enough power to boast its games up a bit with player counts as well even without x86

WiiU even has potential to boast player counts up a little.

kevnb2157d ago

nice to have options, but it takes more than gamepad support to make something work on console...

Saryk2157d ago

Since I am loving GW2. This is one MMO that could work on consoles and should.

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