PS3 250GB Slim Uncharted 3 Bundle pre-order sales swing in

Pre-order sales begin for the Playstation 3 CECH-4000 series Uncharted 3: Game of the Year Bundle.

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Xof2280d ago

What the hell? Bundles only? Priced higher than the older slims?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Hatsune-Miku2280d ago

I can't wait for the 500gbs ps3 bundle with assassins creed

CGI-Quality2280d ago

So I'm guessing you're itching to buy a new PS3 (or a PS3 at all)? Because if not, I don't see why this would affect you.

kingPoS2280d ago (Edited 2280d ago )

So let me get this straight. Your somehow belive the new slim Bundle which cost $270/$250?, has less value. But the current 160gb slim which cost $249.99 with no bundle is supposed to be more valuable?

I'm not sure if you know of this, but I belive the $270 quote came from the Japanese version. It's likely to be $250 in America

Xof2280d ago

...Did you not go to Amazon? They're selling the bundle for $270. The Japanese 4000's are priced at the same price as the older slims.

@CGI-Quality: well, yeah. YLOD! Gotta get a replacement... and only being offered bundles of games I either already have or don't want does not incline me toward the new slims.

Though I agree with Miku: the AC3 bundle might be nice. For me, though, a lot of that appeal depends on how much AC3's PC release gets delayed.