What Musicians Should do a Video Game Soundtrack?

Video Game scores need to be more epic. I decided to handpick some of my choices for a video game soundtrack.

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TheSuperior 1856d ago

More Musicans should do video game soundtracks! That would be realy cool.

Saturne31856d ago

Good musicians that play good music


Good list wish I could see games in action!

black9111856d ago

Warning,Big Poppa,Hypnotize,Juicy,One More Chance,Mo MOney Mo Problems,Get Money etc........

LightofDarkness1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Many times this.

Especially with some of their more electronic and sampled beats laden material, with just some low, haunting Yorke vocals giving it that ethereal feel. Think Half-Life or Portal with that sort of soundtrack...

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The story is too old to be commented.