Fractured Soul Review (WikiGameGuides)

Endgame Studios bounced back from setback after setback during the development of Fractured Soul. As the most costly (next to New Super Mario Bros. 2) and largest download in Nintendo's eShop store, players would be wrong expecting an experience to match. Among the relentless difficulty and shoot-'em-up sequences, the inventive dual-screen swapping marks the only commendable feature of this ordinary platforming experiment.

You control a robotic Entity that must escape multiple space stations succumbed to environmental dangers, such as water, ice, and lava. Action occurs on both screens, which represent tears in time. What exists in one universe may not exist in the other, from hostiles to platforms to energy fields. When your character’s body is solid on one screen, a ghost takes his place on the other.

The reality swapping mechanic should be enough to recommend Fractured Soul – it isn’t. If precision platforming and comparing level completion times on global leaderboards can coax $12 from your eShop wallet, find a 3DS and start downloading. That said, there’s no sort of drive to keep other gamers playing once the agitation becomes too much. The generic settings lack a notable diversity, the lifeless story forgoes any character depth, and what enjoyment can be gained from the platforming will soon be sucker punched by the insensitive difficulty curves.

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