Why World of Warcraft is one of the greatest games ever made

Prior to WoW’s launch in 2004, MMOs were often structured in such a way that only players who were able to dedicate hours of play per day could enjoy them. Many had taxing death penalties (ahem, Everquest), and several more required lots of grinding to hit that ever-elusive level cap. WoW, on the other hand, allowed you to quickly get back in the action after death, simply diminishing the durability of your gear instead of detracting experience points from your character. It also revamped the leveling experience by establishing myriad questing hubs--small outposts bloated with quests--to disguise the amount of grinding necessary to level. No, quests weren’t a new idea, but WoW piled them on you seemingly ten at a time.

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GrahamGolden1983d ago

was one of the greatest ....not anymore tho but hey keep trying blizz fangirl

and oO btw gw2 --->wow

Mastarace1983d ago

nah wow is still better and king.

Spinal1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

WoW still remains to be the best MMO out. And ive played each other mmo that has launched. Still play Guild Wars 2 time to time but its secondary to how much i play WoW an prep for MoP. Cant wait. Next week Tue.

Christopher1983d ago

IMHO, WoW lost the crown to Rift. Not from the perspective of player base (nigh impossible to lose that with the way MMOs have headed towards F2P over subscription), but from the perspective of overall gameplay, technology, and design.

Rift is, IMHO, the best MMO out on the market right now.

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