Mutant Mudds Review (WikiGameGuides)

Among From Software (Dark Souls), indie developers keep the NES days of bleeding kids dry for perseverance alive with retro art styles.

Renegade Kid belongs to that class of sadists if their latest release, Mutant Mudds, is any indication. This difficult little platformer combines the side-scrolling hijinks of Mario, the trial and error challenge of Mega Man, and the foreground/background swapping of Rayman: Origins, rolling these elements up into a “12-bit” visual package.

You play as Max, the world’s only line of defense from the mutant mud monsters that have invaded friendly terra firma. With nothing but his water gun and jetpack, Max confronts the mucky aliens, venturing across the screen from left to right and jumping between the background, foreground, and middle-ground. The problems start here.

The controls aggravate considerably, and should Max die, he restarts the stage from the beginning. Levels are short, but the relative time drags on forever with Max’s reluctance to run. Perhaps he should have spent a few more hours in gym class instead of studying for his math finals.

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