ZombiU Multiplayer Modes

The developers at Ubisoft, have opened up on how they will be tackling, the Multiplayer component in their game, Zombiu

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Dark_Overlord1915d ago

"ZombiU offers a local Asymmetric Multiplayer mode rather than online modes."

They're missing a major opportunity here for a flagship online title :/

Felinox1914d ago

Seems Ninty doesn't have their online structure where it needs to be. Oh well this is still the launch title I'm gonna buy.

thegamingadvisory211915d ago

I think it's a dumb move but they know more

ZeekQuattro1914d ago

Heaven forbid you play with friends that sit in the same room as you and play the game that way.

user98412881912d ago

they're too good for "offline" friends

Wolfbiker1914d ago

I do believe they feature a dark souls style multiplayer where you are notified of your online friends deaths and given their corpses location so you can go and kill their now zombified selves and gain their equipment.

camel_toad1914d ago

Yeh that's what it sounds like to me and I'm all for being dark souls in that way.