Gears of War creator “watching the Wii U closely”

Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and the main creator of the Gears of War franchise, is known for being a huge Nintendo fan, despite never working on a Nintendo game. In regards to the Wii U, Bleszinski says that while Nintendo “may have lost some core fans with the Wii”, he believes that the Wii U will remedy this.

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prototypeknuckles1773d ago

isnt this like the 6th article about this guy in one week

Godmars2901773d ago

The 6th article which otherwise says nothing you mean.

Carl_Shocker1773d ago

"Cliffy B tries a differn't kind of cheese"

"Cliffy B decides to get Orange juice instead of Blackcurrent"

"Cliffy B falls awkwardly onto a toliet duck"

...more to come :)

RonaldRaygun1772d ago

Say what you want, but I would read the third one.

dark-hollow1772d ago

Which all probably came from one or two interviews but some "journalists" wants to turn every sentence into its own article.

Moncole1772d ago

He did an AMA on Reddit and answered a bunch of questions.

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RmanX10001772d ago


ninjabake1772d ago

Mario equipped with FLUUD once again, this time he's wielding a lancer as the goomba horde invade mushroom kingdom looking to bomb-omb the place on emergence day.

Oh and don't forget to give Mario huge muscles, a macho personality and even bigger hands.