Your Local News Anchors Are Already Clueless About the Wii U

Over the last week, local news anchors have been struggling to describe the Wii U and been struggling just as hard to make funny jokes about it while seeming completely natural.

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Moonman1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

All of them either said they were going to buy it or reported it was a hot product selling out pre-sales. Who cares if that one anchor person made a joke? This is great for Nintendo either way.

shackdaddy1909d ago

That didn't seem too clueless to me. They all seemed to get it was a new console and basically only said positive things about it. The guy at the end was just doing a small joke about the name...

Khordchange1909d ago

they were saying good things about it, sheez kotaku stop trying to spin things XD

wiiulee1908d ago

nintendo just have to advertize the wiiu right because they have a goldmine on their hands