IGN: What Excites Us About Wii U's eShop

Lucas M. Thomas: I'm in a classic conundrum. I've got my Wii U pre-order taken care of, so I'm assured that the system itself will be mine as soon as it launches – no problem there. But now I've got to decide which of the many launch titles I'm going to get too. ZombiU? Scribblenauts Unlimited? Tank! Tank! Tank!? The options are already overwhelming my mind and wallet, and I'm worried that I might miss out on beating the crowd and bringing home a critical game if I don't decide soon and get those pre-orders in place as well.

In the middle of this mental chaos, though, I am experiencing some comfort – because not every Wii U launch title will be available in those brick-and-mortar stores. I won't have to fight off any other gamers or put any pre-order money down for these games, because inventory never runs out for them. And I won't even have to go outside to get them.

I speak, of course, of the Wii U's eShop games.

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eagle212044d ago

I need Sunshine in HD. :)

Dr_Salvitor2044d ago

I need Metroid prime trilogy in HD.... as soon as i get an HD TV -.-

cleft52043d ago

This Little Inferno game looks insane.

Are_The_MaDNess2043d ago

Super Mario Sunshine & The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker!!!

HD or not, i don't care. i just want it on my Wii U :P

Wolfbiker2043d ago

I really love most things I have read about the Wii U and even already per ordered it but one thing that I assumed would be the ability to play Virtual Console games on the gamepad.I'm also a bit surprised about how much little details about the OS are actually out.

cleft52043d ago

I heard that Nintendo is going to be really aggressive with getting content for the eShop by cutting developers insane deals to get content for the eShop. Considering the Deluxe version of the WiiU comes with a 10% discount on digital products I am definitely excited to see what they do here. It's odd to say, but the eShop could be the best thing about the WiiU.

DivineAssault 2043d ago

All that is gonna be awesome but i have mutant mudds & mighty switchforce on my 3ds.. Do i have to buy it again on there or will the account be linked? Theyre stepping it up i must say but they still need real software to show the wii us strength.. A game like gta 5 or some new rpg or something that uses its power & pad controls.. Ill be keeping a close eye on this baby.. I know something will come eventually