Destructoid- Ni No Kuni Charms My Pants Off, I'm Pressing Charges

Destructoid- Ni no Kuni is a game that sells itself. Level-5, Studio Ghibli, old-school Japanese RPG presentation. Sold.

Perhaps I don’t speak for everyone here, but I’d still be invested in playing the game even if game critic #41 told me it doesn’t play very well, because the world of Ni no Kuni is so darn charming and colorful that I’m willing to put up with some minor gripes and boring combat.

Luckily, I didn’t have to put up with any noticeable flaws at all. This is game critic #153 telling you this game is pretty much what you expect and that’s not a bad thing at all.

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TongkatAli2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

The game looks so cute. I'm a manly man who likes cute things :D

bitboi2274d ago

I wonder if the DS version will ever get released states side.

ronin4life2274d ago

It won't...-_-;;
Each copy of the ds version came with a book requires for play. In the PS3 version, the book is in game. The book just makes localization complicated and expensive.

At least that's what they've said on the matter.

Neckbear2274d ago

They're offering the book in a limited edition, though.

stuntman_mike2274d ago

the special edition of the game has the book, so that theory's blown out of the water. i'm sure it's just down to sales, as usual.

disturbing_flame2274d ago

I think this game will show video game press is sick and is mainly now composed by a majority of FPS or Shooters fans. I feel the game will be destroy for what it is : A JRPG game.

While i feel the game is remarquable graphically, i think a lot will say it looks childish or naive.
How much reviewers have now enough background to compare this game to Secret of Mana or Zelda 3, a Suikoden or a Baten Kaitos ? People how have this kind of backgrounds are no more doing this job.

Video Game press have killed many genres because of their lack of knowledge and their fanboyism toward a kind of game.

While this game could be the rebirth of JRPG games i think it will be bashed for wrong reasons (especialy if it's good).

Anyway can't wait to see it running on PS3;
And i really hope to see more games of this kind on any consoles.

2274d ago
3-4-52274d ago

It has that nostalgic look of Saturday morning cartoons, but 10X more beautiful.

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