New Family-Friendly 12GB PlayStation 3 for Europeans

Along with the announcement of a new slimmer PS3 comes news of two family packs for Europe that offer Wonderbook or Skylanders Giants along with the new light-weight console, although only in Europe it currently seems.

Of note to Skylanders fans is the limited edition Treerex Giant figure that will only be available in the PS3 bundle. Both the Wonderbook and Skylanders Giants packs will come in the form of a 12GB flash memory version of the slim PS3 and are due for release in Europe on October 12th, following the release of the 250GB and 500GB console next week.

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abzdine2276d ago

this will sell like.... hot cakes !

SaffronCurse2276d ago

Now we need to see that wonderbook bundle!

yesmynameissumo2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

And you can pop an off the shelf HDD in it to expand storage. I'll be shocked if it doesn't make its way to the States.


"Those purchasing the 12GB model will still be able to upgrade and drop a HDD in there later; the only change is that when they do, that 12GB will no longer be available for internal storage."

If you were to throw a 250 or 500GB HDD in it, why would you care about 12GB of flash?

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darthv722276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

i dont think it just fits right in there. i think in the sony blog it said you had to have their proprietary mounting bracket.

Not a big deal breaker. I do like how you can add any size once you have that bracket. Or you can buy theirs with a 250gb drive ready to go.

edit: well that sucks that it disables the internal storage. WTF sony. Even MS isnt that tight of an ass when it comes to adding a hdd to their 4gb units.

darthv722276d ago

by having that internal memory you could store stuff on there that you wouldnt have to worry about losing when the time came to upgrade to a larger hdd.

I know many are probably used to the backup and restore process but why not have key apps and files on the non removable flash ram? that way you can swap the drive and only have to restore larger files instead of the entire profile.

Its just an idea.

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