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After a Summer drought of worthwhile retail games for the PlayStation Vita, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita has released. It brings with it the same 2D gameplay and content creation found within its PS3 counterparts, but also takes full advantage of the unique features found within the Vita. Though Media Molecule may not be behind this new entry into the series, the teams at Tarsier Studios and Double Eleven have mastered the formula that makes these games so much fun.

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G20WLY2281d ago

I'm loving this game!

Thanks for another great review, Trendy Gamers, but you're playing with fire with talk like, "Better than New Super Mario Bros 2" and saying SMB2's "sense of familiarity and lack of originality was a big disappointment"...

It's refreshing to see a reviewer have the balls to say it, but you WILL suffer the wrath of a couple of notorious Ninty fanboys for sure - come on out "LX-General-Kaos"! *Grabs popcorn* :p

GribbleGrunger2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I downloaded it last night and I've got to say I'm blown away. I've watched so many videos that made it look difficult to use the touch and yet had absolutely no problem. It works a treat. If anyone is sitting on the fence about buying this: DON'T! Buy it immediately!! You think this game has had great reviews? Well I'm telling you now, they've been harsh. When you play it you'll understand what I mean. Genius.

TrendyGamers2281d ago

It is, I recommend it to anyone with a Vita.

Chapulin2281d ago

Best Vita tittle to date.

Chapulin2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

* Title Also the touch controls are really good. They don't feel tacked on. Vita GOTY.

TongkatAli2281d ago

9 backhand slaps out of 10