Roundtable: Will You Buy the Wii U at Launch?

The VGutopia staff is asked the question "Will you buy the Wii U at launch?" See what they thought.

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NukaCola2274d ago

I have a new baby in Novemeber and a slew of game from Borderlands and LBP Vita *now* to Last of Us and Bioshock *early next year*. I won't be getting one until probably next years Black Friday sale in which, I assume, we will have seen some more games and have had another E3, Gamescom, and TGS plus more expos of new announcements.

Carl_Shocker2274d ago

Next year for me aswell

June to be exact, just after E3

BrutallyBlunt2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

That's a good time to wait until. I think i'm going to wait after about a year for all upcoming systems. That way you can get a better idea of what direction they are headed and the library of games will keep you busy.

1. I'm still not convinced about their online network which is another reason i'm waiting. I don't think it will all be ready at launch either.

2. I want to see what Sony and Microsoft show and if they don't next year i'll get a Wii U for sure.

3. I want to see beyond the launch window of games coming and how committed 3rd party publishers really are.

4. Waiting will give a better sense of how the hardware holds up (Nintendo usually makes systems that don't break down as much).

sikbeta2274d ago

Next year for me, White one, wanted the black more just for the color, but people are going crazy for it, so yeah... White will be "easier" to find next year :P

exsturminator012274d ago

Lol, not sure how anyone can disagree with you having a baby and a bunch of games to play this holiday season. I for one agree wholeheartedly. You DO have a baby, and there ARE a bunch of games to play.

As to the article's question...nah. I'll be sad missing out on Bayonetta 2, but it's a lot of money for multiplats and exclusives that don't appeal to me. Hope it succeeds and draws me in later, but for now, so long and good luck Nintnedo.

jimbobwahey2274d ago

Yup. There's far too many great games releasing over the next few months that I'd much rather spend my money on, as opposed to a Wii U.

I'll still probably check the Wii U out at some point, but I'll wait until it's cheaper and actually has a library of decent games to justify the purchase (a new F-Zero and StarFox would be a good start).

showtimefolks2274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

i can get it but won't till i see what sony and ms will offer up. I usually buy 2 systems per gen and this time it was ps3 and xbox360.

PS4 is a day one no doubt about it been with PS brand for a long time, sony knows how to deliver to core gamers

its between wii-u and xbox720 and i am leaning 70% towards wii-u just because ms has shown they love casual market just look at last 3 E3. In the business of gaming they show the least amount of games from 1st or 2nd party.

The aspect of having a zelda game in 1080p is enough for me compare to another halo,gears or forza.

i wish MS would make a proper crackdown 3 with big budget because that IP along with Alan wake has a lot of potential. But they keep worrying about kinect

Anon19742274d ago (Edited 2274d ago )

I like what I see from the Wii-U, but I learned my lesson about buying launch consoles this gen, and that goes for all 3 consoles. I'll wait and see. It's not like I have a shortage of great games to play.

stephem6282274d ago

After only buying 2 games for my GameCube. And 2 for the wii. I will never buy another Nintendo system again. Just not my cup of tea anymore. Their franchise titles are to kiddie. I like playing Mario but gets old after awhile and I use to like playing Zelda. Just seems like a chore trying to get though the new ones.

farhad2k82274d ago

Simple answer, nope. Never, to be precise. Same as the Wii.

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yesmynameissumo2274d ago

Yup. Already have it preordered.

thatzacdavis2274d ago

I'm not really enticed by any of the games to really get this at all.

Thepcz2274d ago

when i can afford it.

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