The PlayStation Platform: Sony's real next-gen console

Gamasutra- Sony's PS3 Slimmer refresh and PSP/PS Vita announcements indicate that Sony is using their current hardware as a multi-pronged opening for the next-generation platform wars.

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chrisarsenalsavart2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Dude why do you have to troll everytime someone post a positive article about playstation?
If you hate everything about sony,
Sell your ff13 ps3 to someone who will actually appreciate it.
Someone like me.

kneon2159d ago

Because he has no games to play

TheKayle2158d ago

i played barely all the games of the ps3 normal and with move games

i have nothing against ps3....
but call next gen console..sound ridiculous...
no sound just is..

rpd1232153d ago

Because he has a point? The PS3 is not a next gen console in any sense of the term. To call it one is just fanboyism run rampant.

Kureno_Nakamura2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

This isnt bad news, i dont want to buy a new console yet. I'm still waiting for games like Versus XIII. I'd rather not wait til the ps4 to get it. More can be done with the ps3, they dont need to jump into the next gen like microsoft apparently does. Nintendo isn't even upping their tech too much either. the wii u is technically current gen.

darthv722158d ago

the old phrase of hold em or fold em really plays out like. the longer a company prolongs the release the longer it will take to get a return on that investment.

It can damage the profile to the point of people having moved on to something else because they get tired of waiting. Only the loyalists are the ones to really put in the time to wait.

Consumers are an untamed type of animal that can turn at any moment on something only to leave behind the parent company wondering why didnt they forsee this happening.

They are also the type that WILL bite the hand that feeds them if what is being fed to them does not appeal. Sony created a great brand with the playstation and a great history behind it. If they wait to long to take the market seriously then that can lead to an unfortunate series of events. Thus the scrambling to try and recoup the losses in various ways.

We as consumers like it when the companies go out of their way to please us because its our $$$ they want so much. Now if a company releases too soon then you get the effect of not thinking far enough ahead to when competition comes out as you are no longer the "it" thing anymore.

We live in an age where information changes so suddenly to where one minute we are talking all the rage about the wii-u and the next its all about the slimmer ps3. Tomorrow it could be about something completely different.

While its understandable for those who have just gotten into these current gen systems to want to take advantage of what they offer. At the same time that doesnt mean those of us who were already well vested into them have to wait for everyone to catch up.

there are advantages and disadvantages to long production/development cycles but you run the risk of getting passed up by something else in the process. And besides, if sony were to come out with a new platform next year that doesnt all of a sudden negate the current platform and its offerings. It didnt hurt the PS1 or PS2 so it likely wont effect the PS3.

Oh and judging by their previous efforts. sony has generally released a revised version within a year of something newer coming out. So we have seen the PS3 go through 3 versions. That is a first for sony but it could still mean that e3 next year we will get the official word on a ps4.

humbleopinion2158d ago

Nintendo *IS* even upping their tech too much either. the wii u is technically current gen.

You have to remember that the Wii is practically a last gen console with an innovative controller. The WiiU is a significant hardware upgrade over the Wii which makes it on par with current gen hardware (with an innovative controller).

It's like Nintendo's strategy in the past 2 gens is to lag behind for a whole generation and then release an aging tech console with a new trick.

imXify2159d ago

Why they don't change the dimensions and not just splat it again. It will take the same space....

nevin12159d ago

What was the PSP announcements?

GhostHero3332159d ago

Ps3 $249
Vita $249
Total $500 plus tax

Wii U $299
Total $299 plus tax

How the hell could the ps3 almost completely shut out the wii u according to this article?

Codeman4202159d ago

PS3 has games and third party support the Wii U doesnt thats how

3-4-52159d ago

Yea but how many 3rd parties are going to continue to make games near the end of a consoles life cycle ? Some will...many will move on and get a head start with the Wii U.

Infiny2158d ago

But consumers doesn't know that.

All you have to do is see Apple sales (its the same analogy).

DarkHeroZX2158d ago


There are already 70 million ps3s out there. Sony's target audience is those people who already have a ps3. So the whole $500 is not accurate as the people who Sony wants to buy a PSVita already has the first item. So for us current ps3 owners $249 for the full package is better then buying the wii U especially since they both have more games.

andibandit2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

Vita more or less just has the same games as PS3, except for some game called gravity rush.

WHen i say same games i also mean games that are more or less the same as released on the PS3. I.E. well take COD:BO2, change a weapon or two, released it for vita and call it "Black Ops Declassified", rince and repeat for all other major games.

so for those 249.95$ extra, you are more or less buying the abillity to play "Gravity Rush"

humbleopinion2158d ago

But those 70 million owners already have a PS3, so they have no use for buying the new revision. In that case the whole "redsign" thing has nothing to do with the implied strategy.

DarkHeroZX2158d ago


1. So what? Same can be said for the wii U. For all those currently on the ps3/360 why would you pay $299+ for a console that has basically the same games. And Last time I checked the Vita had its own Uncharted, Gravity Rush, and soon be AC3, and KZ. The major selling point of the Vita is it's ability to keep playing your console games on the go which is better then having to sit in the house because the wii U tablet can't leave the house

Kingnichendrix2158d ago

why are you adding the price of a vita and a ps3 together? how much is a wiiu and an extra tablet controller?

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