Resident Evil 6 The True Evolution Of The Series

HiddenMission writes: Now that I’ve been able to play both demos 3 campaigns with each characters I can easily say that Resident Evil 6 is the true evolution of the series.

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crimsonfox2281d ago

This actually breaks down all the complaints people have about the game then proceeds to tell you why they are stupid complaints I like it! people need to understand Resident Evil needed to Evolve otherwise it would be hard to sell it all the time to gamers...(See COD)...(Actual gamers) I'm all for 6 can't wait to out my finger in it.

darthv722281d ago

how evolutionary stacks up to revolutionary. By default every release since the first is essentially an evolution of the series. Be it big or small, that is a given.

What I feel people are really wanting is a revolutionary experience, not evolutionary. To properly disply that requires a complete re-do and build something totally different while staying true to the nature of the series.

4 was a departure from the typical RE formula. Not really enough to be considered revolutionary but certainly one of the best evolutionary experiences.

crimsonfox2281d ago

You just blew my mind...Thank you sir.

Carl_Shocker2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Really because what I'm getting from it is HiddenMission is one of these so called fans who SAY they've played the old ones but deep down didn't like them or give a crap about the that it appeals to him, big explosions, lots of guns, massive action scenes etc he is now interested and is proud to call himself a RE fan when really, at the end of the day, your not a RE fan because the things which made the franchise Resident Evil have all been taken away........all you are is a fan of a now generic third person over the top action game.

This is the problem with new fans...they think because now it appeals to them and they now care for it they can easily tell old RE fans who loved the franchise for what it was, to take a hike and call them "crybabies", "moaners", "stupid" or "haters" when really we are fans of a franchise which has been ruined....and that to us fans is heart breaking, especialy if you grew up with the franchise

HiddenMission2281d ago

I still own the ps1 titles rebought them on PSN and been a day one buyer of the series since the very beginning. I bought a Gamecube just for the RE1 remake hell i even own ORC.

You can act like im knew to the serious but that just means you live your life by assumptions.

Carl heres the thing real fans since day one are sick of gamers like you who think games should stay the same for ever...go by the next Mario or CoD if thats what your about.

Games grow get over it. Real fans and the are millions are loving the game but your not one of them your one of those hate on Capcom gamers...and its clear to us all.

Digimortal2281d ago

I can't stand people like this who make these stupid assumptions. Playing that whole "Oh you must be new to the franchise" Enough of that crap already god dammit. It's so annoying. If us fans enjoy how Capcom is taking the series, then bugger off somewhere else and let us enjoy the series. Another thing is, you need to understand a few aspects here, people can accept changes others can't which i understand but to sit there and run your mouth saying that Capcom ruined the series blah blah crap. NO capcom never ruined the series. The series evolved into something you didn't see coming and don't like. There are also fans who enjoy the story over the gameplay changes. I for one am one of those fans. I don't care about the survival horror aspect, or the gameplay changes Capcom has made. I play the games for the story and the characters involved with the story.

kparks2281d ago

@carl i agree and i wish this Hidden Mission douche bag would keep his own articles off this site. He is the same one that had the article capcom proves RE haters wrong a couple weeks ago!

Everything he writes sounds like a total fangirl article u can read any of his articles even how he writes makes me want to punch him in the face "Melee is over powered: So the truth is that your melee attacks" and "Too much ammo: The thing is the zombies" well the thing is i can make my own assumptions on this game so get over it! and stop posting story after story about how u love it and everyone who doesnt is wrong! this demo has pissed tons of people off so EAD! i just cancelled my anthology pre order and i hope everyone else does also!

Carl_Shocker2281d ago


I know right, his user profile states

"Our mission is to fight for the gamer and the developer. Hidden Mission leads the charge for finding the truth in the gaming industry"

Capcom are screwing their loyal fanbase over...isn't that a cause to fight for the gamer. How can you state something like that and then praise what Capcoms done to a ruined franchise.

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Relientk772281d ago

The Resident Evil 6 demo was pretty cool

Kyosuke_Sanada2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Right now, this game is only selling because of the Resident Evil name. There are action shooters like Shadows Of the Damned and Dark Sector that had these elements as well but managed to set themselves apart by their unique weapon designs and abilities. Their locales also gave more chilling atmosphere due to bizarre monster and sound design yet they got shafted in sales.

The great things about the above is that they didn't say they lie about being survival horrors even though it was kinda their backdrop. Yet if Resident Evil VI does, while adding perks I might add, it suddenly "TAKES FEAR TO THE NEXT LEVEL!"

I will agree with you if you say that its a decent shooter, I would be a fool to say no but please don't call it a survival horror......

Also Resident Evil Outbreak File#2 was the FIRST Resident Evil where you can move and shoot, but still got haven't been bought from these "fans" who complained about the original three not having this trait which I would honestly would rather they remade that instead......

-Mezzo-2281d ago

Didn't like the Demo 1 bit.