Guild Wars 2 Review (Proven Gamer)

The superlative “Most Revolutionary MMO of 2012” is most often used when describing Guild Wars 2. Seeing as I was a fan of Guild Wars 1 and played it quite a bit, I knew that I had to pick up this game the minute it was announced. I honestly have a hard time describing it as revolutionary playing the game for as long as I have and experiencing most of the content. The good thing is that Guild Wars 2 is still a fantastic game that does so much more right than it does wrong. I’m going to break down what are, in my opinion, the three main points about the game: the combat system, the story/interactions with the environment, and World versus World alongside the MMO tradition of PvP and PvE.

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AmigoSniped2278d ago

I don't see myself ever picking this up. What a shame.

Honest_gamer2278d ago

i got it 2 days ago, not even been able to start it, i keep getting errors when trying to sign up, they keep saying its my computer but ive tried my computer, 3 friends computers and several computers at the uni i go to, i keep telling them its a php error with there database but they wont listen, seems to be a big problem loads of posts on there forms with people having the same problem, ashame really as i really want to play it -'-

FlameBaitGod2278d ago

This game is awesome and I haven't had any of this probs. This game is full of people and this game encourages teamwork by giving you and your friends xp and achievements.

Panthers2278d ago

This game is by far the best MMO ive played. If you are a fan of that type of game I would strongly suggest giving it a try.

Honest_gamer2277d ago

woooo i got in :D finaly now i can start to enjoy my rather expensive game

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Farsendor12278d ago

this is one of the best mmo i have played in a long time

Kos-Mos2278d ago

Why on earth do the characters act like jaggy westernized monkeys? Money down the toilet for me and I`ve played a lot of mmorpg.

Mainsqueeze2277d ago

If you like bad games as long as they have a Japanese feel then i would recommend Final Fantasy 14. But if your like every one else who wants to play a good game i would stick to Guild Wars 2.