Double Dragon Neon Review (Proven Gamer)

The Double Dragon franchise has certainly seen its share of ups and downs. From the original game in 1987 to the iPhone release in 2011, Double Dragon has stretched itself over many decades, and several platforms. Unfortunately for many fans of the series (and to those unlucky enough to give this game a try), Double Dragon Neon (DDN) does not move forward in any sort of positive direction. In fact, aside from some new visuals and music, it hardly moves at all.

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AmigoSniped2155d ago

This game got really low scores. How disappointing.

jjb19812155d ago

I tried it through psn+ for free, its horrible, the controls suck a$$

rhap2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Low scores? I've seen lots of 70~80% score reviews. Just because a few random websites with people who want to HEADSHOT DUR DUR DUR gave it a bad review doesn't mean it's bad.

I really enjoyed the game. Finished it twice with my gf and I can see myself finishing it again and again.

Captain Qwark 92155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

yeah it did pretty well except a few places. tried the demo and thought it was excellent. seemed updated just enough imo so it still felt classic but not archaic

i plan to buy in a couple months after the fall games are finished

optimus2155d ago

Seems like the ones giving it low scores are the ones that are too young too remember the original. I only played the demo and enjoyed it quite a bit... I heard they are planning to release a patch that allows for 2 player on-line play so that's when i'll buy the full game.

TMonkey2154d ago

That's nonsense. I played all the double dragons on NES, the arcade, the master system, etc...and I still didn't like the game. It controls really poorly and can't compete with the polished mechanics of a modern brawler. I gave it a 67/100 on

A review isn't automatically wrong just because you assume that all the low scores are from young people.

optimus2153d ago

The plug isn't necessary if you give away the score. (not that i would go there anyway)...

Way to take things out of context as i never said the review was "wrong" as you put it... I didn't find nothing wrong with the controls that didn't remind me of the original game... It could be that you're simply spoiled by today's games as this game isn't trying to "compete" with any other brawler out there...

This is an homage to a game that was number 1 on many lists for a loong time...this game does a good job of representing itself in this era while raising nostalgia of the glory years of video games...

I've seen this new update get 8,9's and it's usually by people that remember and appreciate those 80's years and really don't have a need to compare it to any of today's games. If you compare it to anything then you compare it to the original and as such it is in a lot of ways better.

TMonkey2147d ago (Edited 2147d ago )

You're the one taking my statement out of context as I never accused you of being wrong. You generalized by saying that all bad scores are given by young people who don't appreciate the series, even though I myself am 29 and played a ton of Double Dragon as a kid...yet gave it a bad score (hence why I posted my score). That's what I'm calling nonsense, your lack of proof and general assumptions.

Also, paying tribute to an old favorite doesn't excuse poor mechanics. People aren't "spoiled", they just expect better as games have evolved from 25 years ago.

The game can be similar to the original without being as clunky. We're talking about an 8-bit Nintendo game here, which btw, controls better then this one. I actually booted up my old NES to compare, and I actually prefer the original to the reboot.

The main function of a game is to be fun to play. While it's "nostalgic" yes, it's frustrating to control, so the people who read my review, fans or not, are expecting my opinion to reflect whether this game is fun and worth their money. So that's exactly how I presented my article. A game that does in fact do a good job of reminding you of the old classic Double Dragon, and it's got some decent humor too, but if we get down to the pure mechanics, it doesn't hold up.