Sony Has Announced A New PlayStation 3 Design, But How Necessary Is It?

Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 redesign that releases in bundles on September 25th and October 30th. This late into the PS3 life, and with new things on the horizon, is the new redesign even needed?

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GribbleGrunger1978d ago

I don't know. We'd need to know how much they're saving to be able to answer that.

Dante1121978d ago

Guess it necessary for my cousin since he's selling his Xbox360 for one to play The Last of Us. Thinking about picking up one myself for the dining room.

sikbeta1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )


Eh... who cares about Their savings? how about My savings or those who want a Cheaper PS3, this console is more expensive, I just can't believe it, 6 years in November since it's available in the market and now, just when everyone and their grandma think this generation is about to end, Sony Rise the price of their new model, which, I'm damn sure, it's cheaper to produce, just insane!

BrutallyBlunt1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

It's a little late to be coming out with new models just to make money back. The older models will drop in price so that's good. But by comparison the PS2 launched at $299 and by the same time that the PS3 has been out now the price of the PS2 dropped to $129 while having much more demand and making Sony lots of money.

It's almost as though Kaz Hirai was told by the board that they better generate revenue soon and this is one example. So instead of cutting costs by making a redesign and passing those savings onto the customer they make it look like's it's more appealing and phase out the older models that weren't making them as much money.

OneAboveAll1978d ago

It's not necessary. It's another way they can just make more money.

-Mika-1978d ago

Anyone who disagrees with your comment is clearly a fanboy. What you say is true. Sony needs the money so remaking it smaller and adding cheaper parts will gain them more profits.

Sgt_Slaughter1978d ago

Says one of the biggest Sony fanboys on this site.

Vitalogy1978d ago

It would be another way to make money IF they droped it's price, not raised lol

Jreca1978d ago

I think it's about getting cheaper ones, but also about paying off and getting a real try in what the R&D department works. They may be trying something new inside the little one. Reduction of energy, size and noise is always a struggle in hardware machines, and PS3 SS is a way to get mass field results about consumption and fabrication. The size of the die is crucial in the next generation, as they showed with PSP and then Vita.

THC CELL1978d ago

As long ya can play games, why car

ziggurcat1978d ago

i'm surprised it took this long for the doom articles to appear after sony made their super slim announcement...

1978d ago

bigger HDD yes
a new design no

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