Rumor: Images of supposed Durango Alpha Kit show Blu-Ray, Kinect on next generation Xbox

Images of what is being claimed to be a Durango dev kit show off Kinect ports and Blu-Ray. No real details other than that, though the images aren't confirmed to be real or fake.

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Lior1952d ago

I think it could be real with all he evidence and the ebay thing

Xwow20081952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Maybe its the rumored kit that was released for some divs last month.

It looks like this

So i guess the rumor about the kit using intel/ NVIDIA is true.

Cueil1952d ago

if that's a dev kit it's not necessarily using anything off the shelf... certainly not that kit... though it's certainly the case... I'm leaning towards not true though

Shaman1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Uh Oh...There is "MS ASSET" tag on the back. Someone is going to get burned badly...

This is big and expensive PC Case with dual GPU connectors and USB 3 on the back. Could be good...

OneAboveAll1952d ago

Anyone who thinks this is real is a moron. Photoshop skills : Asian over here.

Shaman1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Its real deal. Look at the case. You won't find that case in many PCs, its generally for server PCs, its big and its very very expensive (~800$ expensive). Its the same case as the one in Digital Foundry article. There is also "MS ASSET" tag meaning it belongs to MS and very "weird" looking power supply that comes with original chassis. (its BIG power supply).

The power supply of this chassis is 720 watts. It comes with Intel Xeon CPUs.

OneAboveAll1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

It's just a computer CASE. People make custom PC cases all the time.

>Make custom case
>photoshop some touch ups
>photoshop fake stickers
>Apply fake stickers to case
>shift trolling into maximum over drive

Sorry, but most developer consoles are the same size as the actual consoles themselves and I highly doubt the next 360 will look like a PC.

Npugz71952d ago

The thing is so fake! Sorry to see all you suckers falling for this garbage!!!

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