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Submitted by SpaceSquirrel 1234d ago | news

Capcom responds to lack of advertisement complaint for Resident Evil 6

Capcom’s Christian Svensson responds to a fan’s complaint in regards to the lack of advertisement for the upcoming multiplatform title, Resident Evil 6. (PC, PS3, Resident Evil 6, Xbox 360)

Loadedklip  +   1234d ago
The didn't advertise Resident Evil Revelations 3DS either.
crxss  +   1234d ago
i've seen quite a bit of ads for RE6, especially on ESPN
CrimsonWing69  +   1234d ago
@Carl Shocker

You're sticking to your guns by buying a game you hate and giving the series a "Copy sold" figure which your one late purchase of the game will barely make a dent in sales, the amount of copies sold also add to "green-lighting" another sequel.

Way to stick to your guns by saying "I hope Capcom fails", "I hope this game doesn't sell", "I hate this game, it's not a Resident Evil game!!!" and here you are saying you're going to buy it.

That's what I mean by not standing by your conviction. I'd have more respect if you could stick to your rhetoric and turn your back completely, but no, you're that "whiner" that will give in despite all the fire you breathe against this game and Capcom.

Yeah I could care about you buying it at a bargain bin price, what I care about is how negative you are but will still buy it. It's like what's the point with all your complaining if you're just going to buy it anyways?
Silver_Edge  +   1234d ago
@CrimsonWing69 & Carl_Shocker

Let's not get off topic here. It's about the people complaining about the lack of advertising. Now, my two cents, there's been a crap-load of advertising for this game so either someone's not watching enough television or surfing game sites because this is kind of everywhere.

Also, yes, we all know Carl_Shocker is going to buy the game because he said so in another forum post on another RE6 story. Yes, it's kind of weird that he hates the game sooooo much and wants Capcom to fail, yet he's going to play this game he hates so much.

But y'know what, that's the kind of "hater" he is. He's like that weird guy that says he hates men that dress in drag, but in the bathroom he wears dresses and likes it. Just let him do his thing.
Carl_Shocker  +   1234d ago
I don't know what there talking about they've advertised it as much as they can....they've nearly spoiled half the game for us since they've revealed so much. Lets not forget I've seen plenty of ads on TV...
CrimsonWing69  +   1234d ago
Omg, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!!! I'm actually going to agree with the guy who hates RE6 soooo much, wants Capcom to fail to teach them a lesson, the man who doesn't have the minerals to stand by his own convictions and said he's going to buy RE6 at a bargain bin price, Mr. Carl_Shocker.

Yeah, they've advertised the ever loving crap out of this game. There were so many press releases and events, not to mention 2 different demos. TV ads like 3 months in advance of its release date...who are the people complaining about the "lack" of advertising.

Unless, these are people who have no television access, no internet, no publication resources, no friends, who are also blind and that case, I apologize to the handicapped and unfortunate. :(
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Carl_Shocker  +   1234d ago

I'm not going to hate on the advertising aswell if I think they've done ok with it, that has nothing to do with the game...I still hate it

Dosen't have the minerals to stand by his own convictions.....what the hell are you talking about who cares if I buy it at a bargain price or used, I'm still sticking to my guns because Capcoom will loose money, even then it won't be untill many months after.
CrimsonWing69  +   1234d ago
If you like the game you do, if you don't you don't.
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wishingW3L  +   1234d ago
people even complain about this kind of stuff? 0_O
SOD_Delta  +   1234d ago
People will cry about anything. That's how much they suck.
crimsonfox  +   1234d ago
I'm about to start complaining about people who are complaining to much. Bunch of complainers.
adorie  +   1234d ago
Now that Capcom has done away with the lube. Capcom fanboys are complaining about advertising the game?

That's Capcoms job.-_-

Humanity.. what has happened to you??
Qrphe  +   1234d ago
If you had shares on Capcom I'd understand, else you're right, it's silly.
ALLWRONG  +   1234d ago
When it comes to Capcom people tend to go all Crycom
SnakeCQC   1234d ago | Trolling | show
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1234d ago
Wish people complained about of lack of advertisement for Haunting Ground but chances are they probably did and was ignored.....
Frodosmugins  +   1234d ago
so they respond to this but not what the fans want with a new RE game..

RE6 is bit of a marketing ploy imo to set capcom up for the next instalment...
I can imagine them saying something along the lines of (with RE7 we listened to our fans and are now going back to our roots)
Lucretia  +   1234d ago
seriously dude, play leons part of the demo and then get over your self, the game is fantastic.

the old games were good puzzle games with optional zombie encounters. you didnt have to fight not one zombie in the games back then, just run around, open door and your safe.

horrid controls made encounters with even 2 zombies difficult since the camera would spin, the aiming was garbage, and well....the game wasnt even scary.

re6 is actually fun. sure its not a puzzle game anymore but oh well. I still love RE1-6 and spin offs so i dont care
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Frodosmugins  +   1234d ago
The old games were great for all those reasons you just said they was not good.. I loved how the camera was fixed.. I loved how there was minumum zombies with limited amo! you can hear them from around the corner but cant tell how far or how many sometimes..
Yes u could be safe from the zombies by running out the door but it just added more to the tension becaouse you know u know u need to go back in that room again to progress..

Besides the new camera angle is worse imo.. the character just takes 70% of the screen..

This is not Resident Evil this is something ellse..
A new game with all these new ideas would of been better and left RE to its original..
Lucretia  +   1234d ago
Robotronfiend  +   1234d ago
I can't get away from the ads. I've seen them every day for weeks now.
SnakeCQC  +   1234d ago
the demo was so crap and the controls were clunky the game seems broken
mistajeff  +   1234d ago
I started seeing commercials for it during e3 and they haven't seemed to slow since.
Biohazard8860  +   1234d ago
Fuck Re6 and capcom. the game will be a disapointment
Silver_Edge  +   1234d ago
Yay for RE6 and good job Capcom. This game will be amazing and quite satisfying.

I like having a valid opinion, too :)
chukamachine  +   1234d ago
The graphics looks ok, but gameplay feels broken. Controls are shit tbh. Stiff. Feels like gears to me. Another clunky control system.

I wish they would learn from UNCHARTED how to do it.

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