Community section of goes live


Just a quick message to let you know that the Community section of is now live in the UK. Other territories will go live soon. "What can you find in this section?" you say. Well...

1. Burnout Rule The Roads
Compete with your friends to set the fastest times and highest Showtime scores on the roads of Paradise City. It takes determination to stay ahead of the rest. Can you dominate the leaderboard?

2. My Statistics
Track your game progress - everything from number of Billboards left to find, to what car you used in your last online race.

3. My Friends
Manage your Friends List. - Ever wondered how much time Discodoktor is spending playing the game online?
Create quick links with up to 9 friends playing on the same platform as you, and search for any Burnout Paradise driver to see their stats.

4. My Rivals
Check out what your latest Online Rivals are up to - are you ahead on takedowns?

5. Forum
Read fan feedback and get direct answers from Matt Webster and Paul Ross, our new moderators.

Sounds cool huh? Well stop reading this and get over there!!!

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