PlayStation Store Update Europe-Japan 07-02-08

Here is the much desired weekly update PlayStation Store Europe.

Check some contents.


Conflict: Denied Ops
Turok(only UK)

Japan Store:

Lost Planet - Multiplayer demo

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pandabear3788d ago

Not exactly very much and got the Conflict Denied Ops Demo last week - which I don't rate.

But I will buy the skydiving - I STILL want to know what has happened to Bowling, PAIN & Everyday Shooter for EU???

BlackCountryBob3788d ago

Don't forget that the EU PSN is still missing Super Puzzle Fighter 2 turbo HD that has been on the USA PSN for nearly 6 months. Add to that the USA PSN is often full of promotions and game discounts which SCEE has never even hinted at giving us and it really looks like the EU PSN gets screwed over again.

I can't imagine guff like PAiN needs much language translation so why the huge delay.

solidt123787d ago

Man, I feels for you guys in the EU. I thought you already got those PSN games. Sony needs to get on the ball. There is no reason why those games shouldn't be out in all territories by now.

GIJeff3787d ago

has my wife addicted to my ps3. :( i wanna play ratchet and clank, but she owns the system now. I HATE YOU PUZZLE FIGHTER!

Neurotoxin3788d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

*(*** ***** **** ******** YOU SONY

predator3788d ago

us british, oh and the rest of europe get stuffed again by sony and yet europe is where sony is selling well, talk about getting the shaft. is it easy to set up an american account?

Neurotoxin3788d ago

It is very easy just get an american address from google, i used the white house :), and select the area you live in as USA. In hindsight probably not the best idea to use the white house haha.

Rama262853788d ago

You haven't set up an American PSN account yet? It's very very easy to do, just be sure to have a valid US postal address (can be anything, so just google!) and a different PSN username and e-mail(I think you need a different e-mail). When you add a new user, just be sure to select USA from the drop down and then follow all the rest and you'll be hooked up to the US PSN store straight away. Enjoy!

Neurotoxin3788d ago

The Email Address doesnt have to be real either, just make one up i.e MANUNITEDwereluckytogetadrawat [email protected] :)

predator3788d ago

HAHAHAHA where did that just come from, united were not lucky, you were lucky as that was handball and that goal should not of counted. haha

Neurotoxin3787d ago

Lol. The ref was crap. Both Goals were dubious, well at least the play before your goal, the Back pass that wasen`t given would have taken the game to full time. Ho-Hum. ;)

GIJeff3787d ago

i dont follow hockey.

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MaximusPrime3788d ago

im still playing Burnout Paradise. Should i care about the PS store update? no.
I never moan. im always patient just like what i did when waiting for PS3 to release in the UK.

paul_war3788d ago

Another poor undate. There is patience and then there is what we europeans have to go through...

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The story is too old to be commented.