Naruto Storm 3 Scan 8 – More Ultimate Decision

A new scan for the game has been released.

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Irishguy952197d ago

Hahahaha...Ultimate to let Bee help you or not...**** that for a while I was getting hyped. I'm not disappointed though, I didn't expect for CC2 to try something impressive

tayz2197d ago

what do u mean!?! that is impressive! what if u want to own kyubi urself! u dont have to have bee help u! its not linear anymore!

Irishguy952197d ago

Sarcasm. Definitely...

Dear GOD I hope that was Sarcasm!

tayz2197d ago

this is NARUTO, there is no sarcasm, only enthusiasm!

kevinsheeks2197d ago

I'm looking forward to progressing the story