European Exclusive 12 GB Super Slim PS3: A Missed Opportunity For Sony?

GXC: "As you may have heard, Sony announced new “super slim” PS3 models at their TGS conference last night/today (depending on your region). Starting next week, you will be able to pick up the new-ish console at your favorite gaming retail store. There will be 500 GB models widely available worldwide and 250 GB models in Japan and North America. However, Europe will have an exclusive 12 GB flash memory model. Is this exclusive model a missed opportunity for SCE in other regions?"

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Yi-Long2012d ago

... but I think most serious gamers will agree that a 12GB HDD is just too little to seriously consider purchasing.

Feedback on the Dutch PS3 Facebook page which released the news today about this 12GB model, has been overwhelmingly NEGATIVE. And IMHO rightly so.

ThatMiamiGuy2012d ago

True - that's from serious gamers. The annoying vocal group. The facts are though, Sony has provided a 500 GB system for those hardcore gamers and the 12 GB alternative for people who are budget conscious or are not gamers much.

I think that's what this article was touching on a lot.

Dante1122012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

MS didn't have a problem selling their 4GB bundles to casual gamers especially with games that required mandatory installs. I think Sony won't have much trouble pushing the 12GB model. You can always use a bigger hdd as confirmed by the official Sony site.

ThatMiamiGuy2012d ago

Reply @Dante. Yeah, that's my point.

yesmynameissumo2012d ago

250GB HDD is $30. Upgrade it and be done.

ThatMiamiGuy2012d ago

I like the Vita bundle idea. That would have been good.

SnakeCQC2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

let me get this straight europe has "exclusivity" over the shit version and is priced more than to america's 500gb version. Seriously it seems that sony HATE eu and im starting to really dislike sony