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Submitted by CFerrendelli 1240d ago | news

PlayStation Mobile SDK Will Cost $99

The Tokyo Game Show is underway currently in Japan and Sony has just finished up their press conference with quite a few announcements! While the big bomb droppers were the announcements of the redesigned PS3 (which looks like the inside of a grill this time!) and the new PlayStation Vita colors for Japan, there was some important news for indie developers looking to put their games on the PlayStation Mobile service. (Android, Dev, Mobile, PS Vita, Sony, Tokyo Game Show)

GribbleGrunger  +   1240d ago
$99 for something that could potentially make you thousands. That is one HUGE incentive to support PSMobile. Not only that but it's not a static market. You know that your game could get an ever growing audience as more and more companies sign up to PSMobile.
dragonyght  +   1240d ago
good investment if you got the skill
GribbleGrunger  +   1240d ago
I really wish I had the skill. Although many have said it's not that difficult, I somehow think these people have just grown up with it and take it for granted. I'd have to start from total inability and that sounds like hard work
tachy0n  +   1240d ago
you also forgot to mention that anything you do for PSM is subject for approval from sony, which will make this useless since sony wont allow real useful homebrews like file explorers, or stuff like lamecraft which is basically a copy of minecraft. also forgot to mention that PSM wont let u use past a certain limit of RAM or use the full potential of the PSVita, why do you think stuff that is developed right now on PSM for the PSVita runs incredibly slow?

good thing the UVLoader and the android OS for the PSVita through a hack is being developed as i type this and dont come with the BS that piracy will show up into this, since hackers like WOLOLO and YINFANLU have clearly said that its nearly impossible to get past the decryption of games in the PSVita since the CPU on the PSVita is extremely well secured.

do some research on the homebrew and hacking scene before making any conclusions.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1240d ago
I don't recall mentioning the Vita... Let me just check again... Nope, I didn't mention it. Could you perhaps point to the post you are referring to, I'm at a loss to find it. Thanks. Have a pleasant day, son.
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Anon1974  +   1240d ago
That`s fantastic news. I was already eyeing up if it made sense for our company to support the Vita. This is great news that should fit every serious indies budget.
SilentNegotiator  +   1240d ago
Itzy Vita Edition confirmed? :)
SilentNegotiator  +   1240d ago
It's a good time to be a developer. Publishers and software developers finally got their heads out of their rears and discovered that making things cheaper meant more customers, and with proper planning, more money.

Now if only game publishers could learn the same thing.....nah, more DLC on the way.
doogiebear  +   1239d ago
What advantage does a company have in making games on ps mobile, as opposed to just releasing it on Android? It makes no sense to me...Why go through the extra trouble of getting it liscenced through Sony when u can release it independantly on Android. SMH.
rainslacker  +   1239d ago
Mostly for having it be released under the PS name which holds a lot of clout in the gaming world. The tools for making games on the PS Suite were quite good when I played around with it, and I assume they've gotten better since then. In the future they may have a way to release to the console market...similar to XNA, which is a big boost, and of course it can already be used on the Vita.

There's also the assumption that they will have stricter acceptance standards for submissions so as not to dilute their market place. This is the biggest problem with iOS and Android markets.
rainslacker  +   1239d ago
I've been playing around with it during the beta and it's pretty easy to use from a development standpoint. I think at that time it was said to be $99 to be a developer then I think another $99 to publish a game, although that may have changed. This would be on par with things like iStore and Android Market. Haven't checked but I'd like to see Visual Studio integration.
SandWitch  +   1240d ago
99 is very little even for an indie devs. What I would like to see is trophies on PSM games. Something like 10 trophies per game. This way PSM games would be more attractive for some people, including me.
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CFerrendelli  +   1240d ago
Good point, I can see Sony doing this down the line if the service is successful.
sypher  +   1240d ago
Trophies will be implemented, im part of the Playstation Mobile program and Sony mentioned to us that the trophy API will be coming in the next update.
SandWitch  +   1240d ago
Cool. Thanks for the info
joeorc  +   1239d ago
"What I would like to see is trophies on PSM games."

do not fret:

Trophy support coming to PlayStation Mobile
avangerironman  +   1240d ago
i love playstayion mobile :) the good thing am so happy about if i buy one game i can play it on evry playstation certified devices like mobile,ps vita and tablet :D
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Soldierone  +   1240d ago
Will come in handy since I have a Vita and Xperia Play :P
avangerironman  +   1240d ago
i have ps vita and ps3 and xbox and 3ds and am gating wii u :D
TheGamingArt  +   1240d ago
THEY NEED A MAC SDK. Simply put they need to have the SDK up and running on Unix machines! Not only this, but they need to ditch C#. I'd gladly pay them $99 if they did this... That's ignoring the lack of trophy support/PSN Integration and advertisements for the games. .... There's a slew of problems they need to address for this to be remotely competitive. Until then, I'm sticking with Xcode...
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rainslacker  +   1239d ago
Since the PSS works off Mono what would be the point in not using C#? If it bothers you that much you could write your code in Mono directly. They were also working on a Visual Studio template and integration.

I heard a while back trophy support is coming, which would lead me to assume there is PSN integration. I also remember during beta they said they were going to have an ad service API available at some point, and I'd imagine you could use a 3rd party API if you so desired.

Edit: Not trying to be confrontational, just wondering your reasons why they shouldn't use C#.
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TheGamingArt  +   1239d ago
C# is a language used when they don't want quality games. C# = no memory management control, an annoying library that consistently drives towards Visual Studio's crap libraries, and no pointers..... really no pointers. I can't picture anyone making a 'real' quality game (without frustration) without using Open GL or Open GL ES. Especially when it comes to performance enhancements. Also, yes I know it's based off of Mono, that's the mistake. It's bad enough that Visual Studios opens it's "own" set of libraries and headers when you open ANYTHING. A C++ template should contain a regular main function not t_main and maybe stlib not stx what the hell their header containing what it does.... Makes it a complete and utter hassle to go back and forth between other dev tools.
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rainslacker  +   1238d ago
I actually agree with you on the VS libraries. For the longest time it would always add SQL runtimes and libraries to my build and jack up the size by about 4 times the original program(Talking basic learn how to do one function type stuff).

I actually would like to see PSS offer a non Mono version. I think Mono is fine depending on what your doing, and does make portability quite easy, but it is a runtime environment so you lose a lot of the ability to use lower level code. This though is understandable because it is meant to run across multiple platforms and only require one build. It may have been worth Sony's while to offer a C based runtime instead to give the portability but still give the flexibility of what C based has to offer.

My view of the PSS is that it was trying to be as simple as possible for developers to get down to writing code without having to implement complicated libraries. The tools they do offer were pretty decent when I was using it during the beta, but obviously they were in their early form. I only stopped using it because I thought my time would be better spent learning more C++ things that developers are looking for in a programmer.

I think over time when PS Mobile becomes more adopted you will see more people asking for some of the things your looking for, at least in some form. I do see PSS as a very closed system though, and with how Sony seems to be very uptight about piracy it may be a long time coming.

Anyhow thanks for the response. Always good to get different views on things since I'm working on learning programming right now.:)
miacosa  +   1239d ago
Brings price inline with XNA and IOS SDK development cost, good choice.

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