And the award for the most pointless Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 accessory ever goes to…

Gamercize has unveiled the GZ Pro-Sport for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

The Gamercize concept requires exercise to keep the game from pausing, using the distraction of playing a game to make it easy to work out for longer without giving up.

HEXUS.gaming slate it and believe it's the most pointless gaming accessory yet.

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Amnesiac3846d ago

That company isn't going bankrupt in 6 months.

ruibing3846d ago

Making any accessory that risks bodily harm if the user ever stops moving works just as well. A small tear gas grenade or an ear blazing siren all does the job for a lot less money and a lot more incentive.

Coffin873846d ago

omg this is really the most hilarious and pointless hardware tool for consoles of all time. xD
this is one for the history books!!

Jesso2k3846d ago

Seriously, what if instead of the game being on, which is stupid they should be shot, the game pauses automatically every 15-30 min whatever. (Because really this is intended for the fat hardcore who put in marathon hours.)

So it pauses no matter what, up pops a screen of the work out required, simple at home stuff, with a wii board type accessory to track if you did it, once your workout is complete, bam! you can unpause your game.

Keep it going like that with rotating exercises.

Of coarse thats still extreme but I feel you you're going to waste all of your money breaking into the 3rd party market you could think about it for 2 seconds.

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