Why Call of Duty is the iPhone of Video Games

Joel Taveras writes, "The biggest product launches always take place in the fall. And that stands true whether you’re talking video games or technology. This Friday Apple will be releasing the highly coveted iPhone 5 — their sixth generation phone that has already snagged 2 million pre-orders in its first 24 hours of pre-order availability.

Now, if there was one title to compare it to in the video game world, you need to look no further than the Call of Duty franchise. We’re not just talking about sales numbers relative to their respective industries here. We’re talking about the entire culture that surrounds it. I know, the iPhone is a piece of hardware and Call of Duty is a piece of software but, trust me, they’re much more similar than you think."

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Summons752161d ago

because it comes out yearly with no improvements since the last year's model but people still buy it because now a days people don't have any financial sense to them.....which is why our economy is balls.

Ares84HU2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Actually, when people spend money than the economy is in good shape and can move forward. The problem comes when people stop spending or don't spend often enough.

So what you said...the last part is totally wrong.

AS for the first part; the iPhone 5 has lots of improvements over the iPhone 4 or 4s. It doesn't look much different on the outside and that is why people think there is no change.

I suggest both of you actually look into the iPhone 5 and what it is capable of and than you'll see how wrong you are.

On topic: CoD isn't the iPhone of games. It's nowhere near a quality product. It's just popular, that's all.

EDIT: @ Summons75(below)

I never said anything about spending your credit. Obviously if you spend too much of your credit and you can't pay it back it is a problem for the economy. But when people spend their money that they worked for (not their credit) than it is a good thing. As soon as people stop spending their earned money the economy will be in trouble. Look at it like this. You go into a store and buy an apple, some money goes to the store, some goes to the farmer. The store can buy more apples from the farmer and the farmer has the money to take care of the apple orchard and provide more apples for the store. So you can go to the store again and buy some more apples. It is a very, very simple example but you'll see what I'm trying to say.

Also, the iPhone 5 is much more than a Siri upgrade. Please read after the phone before commenting on it.

Summons752161d ago


actually that's about half-right. Yes people spending money is a good thing for the economy but now a lot of people use credit cards even if they can not pay back the money they borrowed. The over use of credit and loans is what put us in the situation we are in.

Also the Iphone 5 looks just as unimpressive as 4s and all the other ones have. Couple more words for Siri, but it still will sound like crap and not respond properly half the time.

Vladplaya2161d ago

I wonder if day will come when people who have been buying all the call of duty games, will just say "Fk this shit, I am not buying it", and actually will not buy it?

What are they gonna do then?

one2thr2161d ago

I'm one of those people, I stopped buying COD after Black Ops and now I'm converting people to the Battlefield series...

Allsystemgamer2161d ago

Good boy :3 your learning :3

SilentNegotiator2161d ago

I kicked myself hard for falling for all the hype that Black Ops was on the level of COD4. It's so unlike me to let hype get the best of me.

gamernova2161d ago

This year is my year and I pre ordered xcom instead.

Saturne32161d ago

Not a very good analogy.

Straightupbeastly2161d ago

Most People don't care about entertainment products improving slightly over the years. They just want to enjoy them. It's their escape from real life issues, let them get excited and enjoy whatever they want. The people complaining need to focus their criticism on more important issues in life.

GamerElite2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Fools would camp out on the sidewalk in sub zero weather just to get a new model with some minor upgrades.

While these big companies are laughing at them all the way to the bank with their hard earned money. Stupid people. They deserve it

Allsystemgamer2161d ago

That's all tech though. All tech is a minor improvement over that last product.

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