Pokémon Will Eat Itself

There’s a strong sense that this reluctance to truly innovate is not born of complacency, nor cynical commercialism. Rather it’s a steadfast belief in the central elements that have made Pokémon such a long-lasting success. Masuda compares it to football: ‘Everyone can play, everyone knows the rules. It transcends age, era, and culture. This gives the games huge longevity.’

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omarzy2157d ago

Pokemon is not going anywhere.It sells a lot more than it used to. CoD is not going anywhere, Mario is not going anywhere, Final Fantasy is not going anywhere. These types of articles only get written about franchises that actually sell more than in the past.

Allsystemgamer2157d ago

Too true. Pokemon is awesome anyway

SilentNegotiator2157d ago

You're right, it has already gone "Mario" on us.

DarkZane2157d ago

Why would they need to innovate? If it's not broken, don't fix it.

bubblebeam2157d ago


I hate it when people say that. For a building, yes. For a creative process or form of art?? i.e VIDEO GAMES????? NO.

Video games as creative pieces, made possible by the collaborative effort of many should definitely try to innovate.

I havn't had fun with pokemon since FireRed (which was an update), and those previous are still fun to today.

They won't, as people will buy it regardless. Nintendo have a bad habit of having a set demographic for a franchise for 30 years, and don't mature with it's original audience. They are like a washing machine.

Always chucking out and bringing in a new load....that is too say the new pokemons (since diamond) are a LOAD of crap.

If infrastructure ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!
If a video game ain't broke, DON'T MILK IT!!

Death_Grin482157d ago

... Either you're a troll or just really need to learn to appreciate the small advancements in the series. People like you ask for too much; it's pathetic.

Wigriff2157d ago

That was pretty much exactly the point of this:

SilentNegotiator2157d ago

Getting Madden 14 day one, eh?

Wigriff2157d ago

My 8-year-old daughter is a Pokemon fanatic, as is most of her class. Pokemon isn't going anywhere. There is a whole new generation of fans coming into the franchise.

bubblebeam2157d ago

Correct. Nintendo never age with their audience. I can honestly tell you the pokemon can have gone backwards IMO. Made easier for a generation who don't know how to wipe their own A$$ without help from mummy or daddy.

I am at least glad to say Nintendo is making up for some of their atrocities (the wii.....Milked games etc.) with the Wii U.

Innovative controller, hopefully more realistic (yet stil keep an art style) Zelda, Metroid. Given up on Mario too. Who knew Italians liked milk so much?

Wigriff2157d ago

This whole new generation will grow up with Nintendo as well, just as I did – especially now that the Wii U is indeed expanding the palette of Nintendo's repertoire into much more sophisticated material. My daughter already has a major interest in, and likes watching games like Tales of Vesperia, Blue Dragon, Skyrim, or anything RPG related. Just as many gamers graduated from Pokemon to more sophisticated JRPGs and WRPGs, the new generation will likely spring from Pokemon into new realms. It's an excellent, and age-friendly, introduction to RPGs. </end ramble>

bubblebeam2157d ago

Except your still missing the main point, Nintendo are NOT our parents, and should stop this.

The wii's online was virtually non-existent, as they still had that mother instinct. Sure, I'm all for the new kiddies enjoying it (my younger siblings, female included LOVE the pokemon games), but I wish they would also make it more accessible to older fans, as companies need to have better fan service.

Ben_Grimm2157d ago

Love that pic. Ash is ready to deal out serious justice! EVIL JUSTICE!

jghvhv2157d ago

More poor fools that faced the power of The Brotherhood of Rattata,now the souls of IGN swim in the void with Sithis.

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