Forza Horizon demo coming soon

A demo of open-world Forza Motorsport spin-off Forza Horizon will be released on Xbox Live Marketplace ahead of the game's launch on October 23, developer Playground Games has confirmed.

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ChunkyLover532042d ago

Usually developers know they have something special when they release a demo before the games release.

I already have this great Xbox 360 exclusive "core" title pre-ordered, but this will get added attention to the title.

Perjoss2042d ago

I'm really looking forward to this, I still have no idea what size of game world we are talking about for Horizon, I'm really hoping its a similar size or even bigger than the island in TDU1. The world in Burnout Paradise was ok for that style of arcade gameplay but I really want to see something huge for this game. Fingers crossed!

EVILDEAD3602042d ago

Watched them place this from E3..looks amazing..the whole Dance Festival going on in the background gives it s completely fresh touch.

The speeds, open roads, and interconnectivity over Live is going to make this title special.

The pedigree of the team though is immaculate, and this is only a preview of what these guys will accomplish for years to come in the next gen.


secretcode2042d ago

As someone who loves every single Forza game so far, I'm honestly worried about this game. We're nearly a month away from release and outside of some really pretty trailers, we have absolutely no gameplay footage to speak of...

m232042d ago

There is quite a few gameplay videos out. Developer walkthroughs, offscreen footage, hell I even played it. It's Forza I guess, but due to other games and time constraints, I will be skipping it.

secretcode2042d ago

Thanks. Guess I wasn't paying attention.

EVILDEAD3602042d ago

Yeah they have been showing gameplay since E3..FAR from worried.

In fact, it jumped to my must-have titles this year.


CernaML2042d ago

lol There is a ton of gameplay footage out there dating back since last E3. I recorded some myself.

From what I've experienced, it definitely feels pretty arcadey especially since it runs at 30FPS but it looks nice and handles fine. Better than the way Hot Pursuit played at least.

humbleopinion2042d ago

Why do you need gameplay footage (which is available by the way), when you can have the actual game demo play on your console before the game is even out?

paddystan2042d ago (Edited 2042d ago )

Hope the demo/game will be good. But there is coming out so many games in the next months that i must skip Forza Horizon.

I have the money, but not the time.

josephayal2042d ago

i wan't this game so bad BUT I'll wait a year or two for the "GOTY" edition that has the game plus *all* the DLCs for half $$$ Just like Forza 3

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