Five Skills Arkham’s Riddler Must Possess

The Arkham series is famous for encompassing the entire library of Batman games that don’t suck. It’s also famous for its brain-twisting Riddler challenges. Compelled to fill both games with difficult-to-reach trophies and nigh-impossible feats of camera aiming mastery, Edward Nigma is perhaps the most dastardly of all Arkham villains. You see that little green question mark, right on the other side of those steel bars? Can you reach it by blowing up that seemingly benign barrier with explosive gel? Nope, those crooked, rusty rods are in fact pure fucking adamantium. Can you fire the batclaw between the gaps to snag it? Nope, those adamantium bars are also imbued with an anti-grappling-hook forcefield. So how do you get a hold of that tantalizing trophy? Who the fuck knows?

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TopDudeMan2278d ago

Yes, I always wondered about how no one spotted the Riddler when he was running around rooftops, placing green question marks everywhere.