Game Informer outs Silent Hill Book of Memories release date

Rely on Horror: The release date comes from Game Informer's New Releases section. October 16th is the day that many Silent Hill "fans" will lose their shit and try to raid their local Gamestop in an effort to convince people that blasphemy has been committed by Konami. I on the other hand am excited for this game. It looks fun, sounds fun, and has the right to be fun as long as it's well made. Here's hoping it's just that.

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sincitysir12279d ago

i agree. this game does look fun.

Carl_Shocker2279d ago

With the amount of hate this has been getting, especialy if you look at all the stuff they release of their facebook page I really feel that this is going to flop...hard.

Why slap Silent Hill on the box art when it looks nothing like one. Did anyone see the customization looks like The Sims: Horror Story edition

abzdine2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

i have to try a demo, but i'd prefer a SH: Origins 2 it was a very good game.

Ben_Grimm2278d ago

The Silent Hill franchise really needs to stop for a while. Re-group with some great outside thinking devs. Hire a real horror fiction writer almost on a Steven King level to give deliver the story.

They need to design the game with more attention to the unknown and abstract instead of the action. No Marine home on leave, no escape prisoner from some super max prison. No!

It needs to be a father or a mother a husband or wife, no setting was better than having to find your lost child in a deserted town filled with horrors and twisted demons. In the same way the first three were, regular people thrown into a horrible situation.

HarryMasonHerpderp2278d ago

You are exactly right.
Preferably a Japanese developer since that's the kind of Silent Hill horror that has been missing since SH4.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Technically Murphy was a "regular person" at least i think he was (i don't remember him EVER being irregular <_<). Him being a prisoner didn't have any effect on his regularity. Murphy was both a father and a husband. Downpour definitely stepped a bit closer to the horror.... I definitely agree story-wise, the story in Downpour was all over the place. And a bit un-original.

Miguelitons2278d ago

I played the demo at Gamescom this year and liked it a lot, will buy the game day one.

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