Band Mashups - THQ combines music with combat

THQ has today announced Band Mashups, an all-new game in the rhythm action genre for Wii.

Band Mashups will allow players to battle it out using their preferred musical style, either in a two-player versus mode or an extensive single-player campaign. Players take the role of one of eleven bands trying to topple the big boss, Mr. Hong, and take control of the faraway city of New Cadenza.

Fully utilising the Wii Remote's motion sensing capabilities Band Mashups promises a unique gameplay experience, with players using 70 over the top musical instrument weapons. These include a sniper violin and a flame throwing guitar.

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wiizy3787d ago

wow forget guitar hero getting this game.. cheaper , more innovative... i have to give it up to thq..they are really looking to innovate on the wii... hope all they games sell.. from deblob to this one.