Need For Speed: Most Wanted Interview with Producer Leanne Loombe | Capsule Computers

Luke Halliday writes:

"EA Australia recently held a press event for their upcoming instalment in the enduring Need For Speed franchise, a reboot of the relatively popular 2005 title Need For Speed: Most Wanted featuring the same name. Capsule Computer’s Benjamin ‘LinkageAX’ Webb got to sit down with the game’s producer Leanne Loombe to discuss the hotly anticipated racing game, as well as some more trivial things like car colours."

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teedogg802158d ago

I wanna see Vita footage.

tachy0n2158d ago

me too, let see if what criterion is claiming is true in the PSVita version, how am i to preorder the PSVita version if i dont know how it plays and all that?

SandWitch2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

I pretty much believe their words. The two screenshots they provided look amazing for a handheld game. The best part is that they say that not even graphics, but also physics (cars crash, handling) is console quality. Definitely it's a day-one purchase for me.

Oh, and by the way. Did you see this pic?

tachy0n2158d ago


no, i didnt, but still, they should at least release a trailer of the PSVita version so more people get to preorder and stop complaining about the PSVita having no games.....

GamingManiac2158d ago

Lazy bastards left out customization... Surely it's still going to be awesome, but what a fucking disappointment!

metroid322158d ago

3DS has real shaders that match DX8/9 and has tesselation so no excuse the xbox1 did car games just fine so 3DS/Vita need some racers with better graphics than xbox1.