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Our team writer, Anthony, gives his thoughts on the new demo of Resident Evil 6.

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SatyendraR2157d ago

The camera is way too close to the character, I started feeling dizzy the same way when I play 1st person shooting. The game is too fast.I like it a bit slow. It is not at all survival horror. RE ORC was a shooter game(Not real RE) and it received too much of negative reviews(It deserved it for not being the real RE), but I can tell it was way better than this shit!! Chris' and Jake's game sucked even more,they are more like call of duty games I think. The game is too bad and it is at it's final stage. I am not sure if they can improve upon it. At least fix the damn camera!! I loved the horror,the wait, and even inventory in RE 4 , You could examine and admire each weapon and you would have plenty of time to do it :). It sucks here. You can replace the zombie with some aliens or gangsters and the game remains same. So the game's name is Resident Evil but nothing seem to be scary evil here.

It's like I am shooting some goons here.The other parts of the game sucks too.

I don't think RE6 is for me., as I can't play 1st person games, and This one is similar to that (in spite of being 3rd person game).

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