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Wii U is the most innovative system on Earth: ZombiU creative director

ZombiU Creative Director Jean-Phillipe Caro has refused to take credit for reinventing the survival horror genre with his new game, insisting that they've only been able to make the Wii U launch game because of the Wii U. A machine he calls "the most innovative on Earth." (Wii U, ZombiU)

chanmasta  +   760d ago
Agreed so far.
live2play  +   760d ago
(a little about me, huge nintendo fanboy)
i agree too

it can use 3 types of controllers
one with a screen (wich includes gyros, cameras, NFC etc, motion controller, traditional controller

( a neat thing is that you dont have to buy new sets of controllers, just use the ones from your previous console, i thank nintendo for that)

console that you can play away from the tv and on the toilet is enough for me xD

BUT it all depends on the developers to come up with ideas to use that

which sadly is minimal at best

most just shoe-in ideas and ignore others
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Irishguy95  +   760d ago
Yeah it definitely is, anyone who disgree's simply doesn't know what innovation is. Nintendo have always been at the forefront of video game innovation. Too bad about them ditching the hardcore with the Wii...had far too few hardcore games imo. Even though the ones they did have were awesome (favorites/Xenobalade, Monster hunter tri, Marioanything, zelda, Smash bros)


Yeah your right Tonester, unforunately no one will ever take advantage of that. Has this discussion before. Nintendo Wii had Motion control as it's main control thingy. That's why it was taken advantage of so much(not that I liked it, I think Motion control was a waste). Now Wii U has this controller at it's core. It Will be utilized alot of the time. No dev is going to make a game that requires two separate systems to play, it's too risky money wise. Even multi plats are using the controller for something now. AC3 for example
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live2play  +   760d ago
"Yeah it definitely is, anyone who disgree's simply doesn't know what innovation is"

*raises hand*

ooohh ooooh its teh more polygons a characters have teh more innovation it is! :B
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Losyak  +   760d ago
No disrespect, but in what universe are mario, zelda and smash bros hardcore games???
DigitalAnalog  +   760d ago
I'd really hate to be in your universe.
neogeo  +   760d ago
I have 57 very hardcore Wii games. want a list?
Irishguy95  +   760d ago
I would like a list please
Tonester925  +   760d ago
Looks like the PS Vita can do the same things as the Wii U lol
Ilovetheps4  +   760d ago
But do any games use it that way? I remember the PSP being used in a similar way on a racing game. The PSP was the controller and the rearview mirror was shown on the PSP screen. I'm not sure if that game ever had that feature or not.

And while I'm sure the Vita has the capability to act a similar way as the Wii U controller, will developers use it that way often? From what I'm seeing, I don't think so. They just release the same game for Vita and you can transfer save data between systems.
Tewi-Inaba  +   760d ago
Except sell
zebramocha  +   760d ago
@Lluv resistance retribution has a wiiu kind of connectivity and lbp ps vita.
stragomccloud  +   760d ago
Possible, but it just won't.
Great example of this is back during the gamecube days, you could plug in the GBA to the gamecube, and it could do some cool things, but a lot of the times you really needed a second person to tell you about what is on the screen, or you needed several GBAs to play certain games in order to have full functionality. The functionality was there, but the support simply wasn't. And this is the problem with vita. The cost of entry is too high, and therefore developers will be hesitant to support the device lest Sony lends a hand.
Ilovetheps4  +   760d ago

Resistance allowed you to use a PS3 controller to play a PSP game. That is nothing like what the Wii U does.

As for LBP, I will agree that it is similar to the Wii U. I just don't think that the feature is used enough. There's only a handful of games that support the feature.
tachy0n  +   760d ago

yes we can use all games in remote play through a hack.

damn u sony for limiting the potential of the PSVita.
timothylittle  +   760d ago
lol good one
playlikemario  +   760d ago
i believe this and i also agree that the Wii U is the most innovative way to play and have a new gaming experience give it to Nintendo to break new ground and others try to follow.
LX-General-Kaos  +   760d ago
Very well said
I remember sony showing ps3 to psp gameplay before wiiU with
Ridge Racer!!!

I remember this before kinect.

I remember wiiMote before the wii!

Sony sucks at marketing that is all.

They are innovative? ok sony makes innovative games nintendo milks these childish characters.


Also wiiU is under powered..

"DICE's Rendering Architect Johan Andersson has warned that some of his company's 2013 games using the Frostbite engine will need the extra bits as a matter of course. In other words, it won't matter if you have a quad Core i7 gaming PC of death should the software be inadequate; if you're still running a 32-bit copy of Windows 7 come the new year, you won't be playing. The developer points to memory as the main culprit, as going 64-bit guarantees full access to 4GB or more of RAM as well as better virtual addressing." - Dice

I like nintendo going hardcore again but it's a shame that wiiU is weak.

pc players already have 4gb+ ram & 1gb+ vRam.
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ChickeyCantor  +   760d ago
"Also wiiU is under powered..
Proof. "

That is no proof. If it's dedicated they can pull off a lot on the Wii-u. Wii-U games don't suffer from many api layers.

"pc players already have 4gb+ ram & 1gb+ vRam."

With that said, you think the PS4/nextbox will surpass the PC?
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ronin4life  +   760d ago
The wiiu is innovative by being an all inclusive console with its tech, but this doesn't make it the most innovative ever in my books. And its tech is not original, even if it being integrated as a dedicated experience is. This is true.
The WiiU being underpowered and "childish characters" statement are not.
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SonyNGP  +   760d ago
Bullshit. That "Wii remote before the Wii" video came out 4 years after the Wii was released. You didn't remember jack shit.
ChunkyLover53  +   760d ago
The Eytoy was basically a webcam, it can still be used as a webcam to this day.

Do you think Nintendo just came up with the idea for the Wii Mote and put it out the next day? Nintendo had patents and R&D on motion controls before the launch of the Gamecube.

Nintendo is known for some of the most loved characters and games of all time, calling them kiddie doesn't change the facts.

You cant compare what is in a PC, which has to run operating systems and all kinds of other features, so they actually need more RAM, game consoles really only need enough to run games, yet Nintendo put in extra to help run other features as well.

Its nice that you are a fanboy and all, but stop being so delusional.
mamotte  +   760d ago
I remember using the DS in RockBand Wii, the GBA with the Gamecube, the Pokemon Gameboy cartdriges in the N64, the Gameboy games in the SNES, and the power gauntlet in the NES.

WiiUalpha  +   760d ago
Nintendo always innovates when it comes to new ways to play unlike some companies that add movie formats and get called innovative
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   760d ago
That "movie format" allowed developers to put their entire game on one disc.

Sort of like the addition of CD on the PS1...

Or the DVD on PS2...

Storage space is a pretty important thing, man.
ninjabake  +   760d ago
Yeah it is but the PS1 wasn't the first system to do so. The 3DO and saturn had that format before the PS1 and the Sega CD add on also supported it. But I agree with you for the most part.
neogeo  +   760d ago
Love my Turbo Graphics 16CD!
not joking. 1988 in the house. I don't seem to remember any PS1 then.
DivineAssault  +   760d ago
They do always innovate.. Maybe they should be like madcatz & do accessories or sega & make software only..
playlikemario  +   760d ago
see here is what a new way to play means to me, i get to have asymmetric gameplay which is something that i never experienced before and from my gaming experience. Nintendo has always changed how people interact with their console and then Microsoft and Playstation would follow behind and try to alter what Nintendo started by adding different ways but not new. so basically i am saying that i do not own a 360 or a PS3 due to the fact that its the same experience all the time and i like to change things up.
LOL_WUT  +   760d ago
"So basically i am saying that i do not own a 360 or a PS3 due to the fact that its the same experience all the time and i like to change things up"

I wish you felt this way towards Nintendo's games. Innovative or not I can't wait to play this game!
ninjabake  +   760d ago
So far Its pretty hard to dispute that the Wii U is the most innovative system to date. We'll see what MS and Sony have cooked up once they finally arrive but for now the wii u is the most exciting.
Carl_Shocker  +   760d ago
Why are people saying things like this when we havent even seen the PS4 or the NextBox yet...
live2play  +   760d ago
they DIDNT say

Wii U WILL ALWAYS BE the most innovative system on Earth

right now yes, yes it is

once ps4 720 release
then it will be up for debate
Moncole  +   760d ago
If the PS4 and NextBox do the dame thing they wont be innovative because they would be copying.
Hicken  +   760d ago
Who said they'd do the same thing? What if they do more? What of the PS4 is capable of using Sony's head-mounted display for a VR-like experience? What if the "720" has a holographic HUD and controller interface? On top of all the things the current systems do, wouldn't that make them more innovative WITHOUT copying?

live2play's response makes sense. But why would you assume the other systems would just be copying Nintendo?
ElectricKaibutsu  +   760d ago
I agree that the system is innovative and I can't wait to pick mine up but I don't know if the creative director of a Wii U launch title being quoted in a Nintendo magazine is an unbiased source.
XB1_PS4  +   760d ago
Best thing about this article, is that developers like this console! Most developers disliked the wii, and didn't want to make games for it. This though, is very good news for nintendo.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   760d ago
They like the Wii U because launch games sell like cocaine. ;)

They'll drop support once the PS4/720 come out. I can guarantee that.
Theyellowflash30  +   760d ago
How much will you beat they don't?
Lucretia  +   760d ago
this is true. Im so hoping nintendo continues to have good 3rd party support.

nintendo hasnt had 3rd party support since the Snes Console wise.
josephayal  +   760d ago
I wan't this console in Black 32GB
Lucretia  +   760d ago
says the Developer making a game....obviously they would say that.

honestly the wii-u is a giant DS.

thats not a bad thing, but its far from the "most innovative"

the wii was innovative and we see how many good games we played with that..../s
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   760d ago
I love seeing innovation out of the gaming industry. :) I don't necessarily see anything on the Wii U that my phone and tv don't already have, but I'm sure these developers know more than I do.
AngelaDickinson22   760d ago | Spam
Moonman  +   760d ago
Some cringe worthy statements coming from naysayers in here. Nintendo always executes their innovation in ways that are perfect and golden. Simply saying you have a bike to spite mine, but mine works perfectly while yours won't move correctly is silly.
taquito  +   760d ago
"Wii U is the most innovative system on Earth: ZombiU creative director"

besides pc, that is

it already uses wii motes, kinect, ps3 controller, 360 controller, obviously mouse and keyboard, flight sticks, racing wheels, voice commands, and give it a month or two before the wii u tablet controller can be used on pc too.

Don't get me wrong, the wii u looks great, already pre-ordered the 32gb, but nearly all the innovation in gaming is born on pc, and nearly every game ever made is playable there
Instigator  +   760d ago
Most people wouldn't call using accessory and emulating software designed for consoles innovative. Most people would call it leaching off the innovation brought to gaming by the console manufacturers who are the true innovators.

You say the Wii U tablet will be useable on PC too in a month or two and that might be the case, but will there be any dedicated software or support for it on PC? The only use a PC gamer would have from it is when a Wii U emulator becomes available. That would be great and all for PC-only gamers, but can hardly be called innovation born on PC.

PC has innovated a lot in it's own right, namely online, digital distribution as well as tech, but the gameplay innovation is found mainly on consoles.
ziggurcat  +   760d ago
1st party dev saying that the system they work on is the most innovative? that's unheard of.... /sarcasm
Dms2012  +   760d ago
Yes, but is it practical for gaming? Or will many get bored with it after a few months and just pick up a proper controller? And yes, I know they offer a traditional gamepad as well, I am talking about the touch pad. Also, does anyone else find it awkward to constantly shift your attention between 2 screens?
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Ilovetheps4  +   760d ago
I do that already with my 3DS and I enjoy playing my 3DS. Ocarina of Time 3D used a second screen very well. So, I can't wait to see a full Zelda game on the Wii U.
ipe  +   760d ago
"Pls buy our game"
DivineAssault  +   760d ago
every new console is more innovative than the last.. Assuming its made by an experienced console maker
wiiulee  +   760d ago
thats the same way i feel...nintendo has a goldmine on their hands with the wiiu.......haters will hate...but with the launch games and third party support...wiiu wins

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