ADV going Blu-ray

Major anime distributors ADV have announced that they would be releasing their present and future anime titles on Blu-Ray high def from Spring of this year.

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mighty_douche3670d ago

Come on this is done, its finish, let HD die with what little dignity it has left.

No more Blu-Ray/HD threads needed.

KS19853670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Well it not done yet.

Toshiba is still managing to try and fight back, they are not going to go that easily.

Unless either Paramount or Universal decide to switch to Blu-Ray of Toshiba stops making HD-DVD altogether, we be seeing alot more of this kind of news.

Either way, HD-DVD is dying a slow a painful death.

zambrota3670d ago

are u living in this world or another planet?

BD outsells HD DVD 85:15 in NA

BD outsells HD DVD 87:13 in EU

BD outsells HD DVD 98:2 in JAPAN

war was over at the very beginning . Whats worse for Toshiba is the fact that BD standalone players even started outselling their HD DVD players 2:1 in USA (doesnt take ps3 into account)

was there ever really a war? It was finished ages ago

KS19853670d ago

I want this to end aswell, but do you see any 'Toshiba admits defeat and stop producing HD-DVD players' news threads yet?

Find it and post it up.

bigjclassic3670d ago

so ADV and Funimation now supports Blu.
Good for us Anime fans

The Bloody BladeMart3670d ago

hahahaahah ha hahha

oh wait, it's already over lol

JadedWriter3670d ago

Now I have to re-buy all of my anime in high def now...not happening.

Black_Jack3670d ago

you've missed the point, you can enjoy NEW and yet to be released anime in hd res now, don't be so cynical!

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The story is too old to be commented.