No More Lightning, Please. [TheGameJar]

Joey Dale @ - "Oh Square Enix, why have you done this? Why, oh why have you decided to give another game to the most boring, depressing, annoying character in Final Fantasy history?

I must confess before going on with this piece that I am not what I would describe as a hardcore Final Fantasy gamer. I have played VII, VII, IX, X, X-2, XII, XIII and XIII-2 but not all of them through to completion. I couldn’t tell you every character’s name in some of them, or specific parts to some of the stories, which others seem able to. They are however (for the most part) really good games that you can sink some time into...."

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Allsystemgamer2039d ago

I really dislike her. I find her bland and boring. Especially her visual design.

Ranma12039d ago Show
Lucretia2039d ago

because your a moron :D.

I think Lightning in her goddess outfit looks awesome.

I like her personality too, one of the cooler ff characters since 8.

ChickeyCantor2039d ago

"because your a moron :D. "

Really? Dude don't call someone a moron and then come off as a total idiot.

It's You're. Not Your.

Carl_Shocker2039d ago

Totaly Agree...she's bland, boring, a massive moan, depressing, always going in a huff, she's just terrible

The only reason she looked good because she was surrounded by characters worse then her.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2039d ago

Honestly at this point it dosent matter SE is gonna do whatever they want. Just gonna have to get finsh up lighting's saga and move on to Versus. I dont know why SE cant give a small trailer or some new gameplay of Versus just to show its alive. With how long its taking I expect Versus to be on par with VI or VII maybe better. That might be asking for alot tho.

Wolfbiker2039d ago

Yeah and there are people who still like the XIII series so I don't think it would be fair to them to not finish it.

Nobody ever thinks of the fans that LIKE XIII.

raWfodog2038d ago

I'm definitely in the vocal minority that had no issue with FFXIII (I still haven't finished it though). After I finish it, I will get FFXIII-2 and then Lightning's saga cause I enjoy playing video games (when I have the time).

Wolfbiker2039d ago

I think what many Final Fantasy fans need to realize and should have already realized is that each installment I-XIII are all completely different tales with their own characters and game mechanics. Everybody will have the ones they love and hate. If you don't like XIII wait for the next installment, I know many people that hated XII but love XIII and vise versa.

I also have a theory about Americans perception of Final Fantasy that made them spoiled to Final Fantasy being great with every entry and that is that we only recieved the "GREAT" ones early on. I We recieved I, IV and VI all arguably the best in the series.

Lucretia2039d ago

exactly, People think every game must be an 11/10.

I liked 13, Loved 13-2 and cant wait for Lighttning returns.

I didn't like 12 at all, nor was i a big fan of 10, heck even 9 was just ok to me.

to each their own

Wolfbiker2039d ago (Edited 2039d ago )

I love VI, VII and X

I like I, IV, IX, XIII, XIII-2 and XV

I dislike II, III, VIII, X-2, and XII

I have no opinion of V or XI

The point is none of the above games are truely bad games however i didnt enjoy them all, they are all solid experiences.

Simco8762039d ago

To each their own yes, but my god. Isn't it enough FFXIII and Lighting? I think they are kind of stalling until next gen, and then they will release FFXV.

Hopefully they go back to the roots of the series. If not, the ship has sailed and I'm not jumping on.

Snarkasaur2039d ago

Lightning is one of the best FF characters. I suppose strong female leads aren't looked on well in the gaming community yet, though I personally hope they'll become the new norm.

R6ex2039d ago


I love Lightning. She's got so much character!

Carl_Shocker2039d ago

They are...just not Lightning

Nariko, Zoe, Elena Fisher, Tifa, Quistis, Madison Paige, Mona Sax, Alyx Vance, Samus, Lara Croft, Jade, The Boss

We have plenty of them, Lightning is not one of them because compared to them she's a horrible character.

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