PlayStation Plus on Vita is setting Sony up to dominate next gen

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Sony’s announcement of a new PlayStation 3 model was the ‘shiny light’ of its Tokyo Game Show performance this year, but the real announcement worth keeping an eye on was the confirmation of its PlayStation Plus plans. Specifically, the confirmation that the full PlayStation Plus program – free games and all – would be coming to the PlayStation Vita in November."

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Falconer2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

Totally agree. Sony will dominate next gen with this and the fact that Nintendo and MS have lost the hardcore which is who buy new consoles for $400-$600. PS+ is the best paid gaming service and the only service that gives you something for your money and not just lets you access free features for a $60 a year.

Nintendo abandoned the hardcore since the launch of the Wii and the casuals won't spend $300 on a WiiU and the hardcore won't spend $300 just to play identical ports of multiplats they already own on PS3 or Xbox.

MS turned their backs on the hardcore since the launch of Kinect. The only new IPs are Kinect games that flop which proves the casuals don't buy games. MS only releases sequels to the same 4 core games over and over and think that's going to keep the hardcore. We beg for Killer Instinct 3 and they give us Kinect Sesame Street. Core gamers will think twice about buying an Xbox 720.

This puts Sony in a prime position to dominate next gen. The core gamers are the ones who make up the new console buyers and they want core games and Sony is the only one giving us core games and even new IPs like PS Allstars Battle Royal, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls this late in the console cycle. Kudos to Sony.

By the way, how is the WiiU a "next gen" console when I can play most of it's launch titles on my PS3 and they look identical? The PS2 didn't release with identical PS1 games. The Xbox 360 didn't release with identical Xbox 1 games. Next gen does not start with the WiiU.

Kratos_GodOfWar2044d ago

@Falconer what!(stone cold voice)

ChunkyLover532044d ago ShowReplies(3)
Wolfbiker2043d ago

Although I disagree with you about the Wii U not being good I do agree that Sony is delivering a great gaming experience for the "hardcore" crowd. PS+ is great.

The Wii U does look to replace my PS3 as my primary media HUB and possibly on 3rd party games because of it possibility of higher performance and new dimension of the best second screen integration and ability to play any game on the smaller screen including great classics that don't look so hot on a 42" LCD lol.

topekomsi2043d ago

You have got that right, if , IF the Wii u is better on multiplats, I'm all over it. But the ps3 is killing it right now.IMO

DiRtY2043d ago

"MS turned their backs on the hardcore since the launch of Kinect."


"New Kinect-IPs that flopped"

Kinect Sports 1 and 2 outsold Starhawk, Twisted Metal, Warhawk, Haze, Heavy Rain, ModNation Racers COMBINED.

So how would you call these games then?

Sony is in the worst situation of all three actually. Look at the major flop the Vita is. Look at the flop that is PS Move. Sony might have issues on the hardware front in the future. Before this gen, Playstation was by far the biggest brand in gaming. This changed dramatically. "Xbox" and "Wii" are much more proven brands now, while "Playstation" is in decline.

Sony has not that much money left for marketing / R&D.

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one2thr2043d ago

Of course they sold less, because there is VARIETY within PS3 titles unlike MS exclusives...

CernaML2043d ago

lol Talking about a decline. Kinect Sports and Dance Central are the only two Kinect IPs that sold worth a damn... only for their sequels to take a hard nose dive. Everything else couldn't even do a million.

PS Move a flop? Is that because Sony treats it as an optional ACCESSORY rather than something you NEED TO OWN IF YOU WANT TEH BEST EXPERIENCE EVARSSS?! I'm actually quite glad of the kind of position PS Move is in... I would rather talk up actual games over Kinect Sports. lol

But yeah, you're right. PlayStation sure is in quite a decline... selling the most consoles worldwide every week. Despite the Xbox brand being stuck in 2nd place since its inception, it will prove to be far greater than Playstation has ever been.

DiRtY2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )


"Kinect Sports and Dance Central are the only two Kinect IPs that sold worth a damn... only for their sequels to take a hard nose dive. Everything else couldn't even do a million"

Why are you making things up?!

PS Move has no million seller other than the bundled Sports Champion.

Kinect Million sellers (of course excluding the bundles Kinect Adventures and games "better with Kinect):

Dance Central
Dance Central 2
Kinect Sports
Kinect Sports 2
Kinect Joy Ride
Kinect Star Wars
Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Fruit Ninja Kinect
Zumba Fitness

So yeah, whatever makes you sleep at night.


"Of course they sold less, because there is VARIETY within PS3 titles unlike MS exclusives"

Xbox 360 has more games than the PS3. FACT. You
lost all your credibility.


"Do some research about the gaming division and how its actually doing good, instead of reading these flaim bait articles about one quarterly loss of profit in gaming division "

Let me answer with a quote from the ex-CEO of Sony:

"Q: You have spent three billion dollars on the Playstation 3, disregarding research and development [that was in 2008 - with R&D PS3 already had a 5 billion USD loss]. Can you ever get your money back?

Stringer: Not for as long as I live (laughs)."

Do you think SCE made 5 billion USD in 2010 and 2011, when they just reported another 45 million USD loss for the past 3 months? and that is not even including the Gaikai buyout for 380 million. Sony lost more money with the PS3 than they made with the PS1 and PS2 combined. They closed 3 studios this year - WTF needs to happen to realise how bad the situation of Sony really is?

This is a well researched and well written article. You should read it.


You are the one, who should do some research.

Damn guys, just try to look at things from a more realistic standpoint and stop ignoring facts.

*edit* for further discussion feel free to send a PM*

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BrutallyBlunt2043d ago

Microsoft lost the hardcore? Now that's funny. Have you even looked at software sales charts? If you did you'd see the games are pretty much fall down the same line as Playstation 3 gamers. Have you forgotten that Call of Duty is the number one franchise on the Playstation 3? A game Microsoft is more aggressive in getting on their console?

Just because they came out with Kinect doesn't mean all of the sudden they went from Miramax to Disney overnight. They expanded their audience and it seems to have worked because it helped sell more systems. Halo is still coming, Forza and Gears are still coming, they still see all the games from 3rd party publishers like the Playstation 3 is. So just because 3 or 4 extra games by Sony each year comes doesn't drastically change the whole perception of each game library. What hardcore titles does the Playstation 3 have for the second half of 2012?

I also see Sony expanding on the Plus service as they see a revenue based system to be far more lucrative like XBOX Live has been. I also see Microsoft feeling pressured to also offer more stuff in the way of free content and better sales in the future as well.

It's funny how people like Falconer can put themselves in such an isolated position and think they have to stay loyal and be pessimistic about everything else.

3-4-52043d ago

Your not smart.

The hardcore aren't " the people who buy consoles at $400-600 "

Theres only been 3-4 consoles ever to sell that much and one was a damn neo geo.

Those are called RICH people...or people who have more than enough money.

Just because you can afford something, doesn't make you any more of a fan.

It's like the guys who pay $10,000 to be at the Superbowl because "it's the scene to be at ", even though they hardly know anything about it.

a certain percentage of people only buy "what costs the most" because they are ignorant and arrogant.

PS3 & Xbox360 games on Day 1 hardly looked any better than xbox and in some cases looked WORSE.

Your a troll, go back to your bridge, your missing out on toll collections.

Hicken2043d ago

... you'll find that a pretty large percentage of early adopters for consoles are what would be considered "hardcore" gamers.

Your Super Bowl analogy doesn't work because people can't pay less money to be at the game at a later date.

ALLWRONG2043d ago

The casual market has always controlled the direction of gaming. Started the moment Atari made a console.

ALLWRONG2043d ago

Uhh... Sony would be out of business if they were "hardcore" only. You don't think a money strapped Sony wouldn't want some of that Xbox/Nintendo casual pie? You say MS "abandoned" the core market. The 360 still sells the most core titles, that includes all current gen platforms.

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abzdine2043d ago

i'm excited over this PS+ on vita

topekomsi2043d ago

I am excited for the discounts but worried about the free games, as I have bought almost all the psn and retail vita games that intrest me so far. If they implement it right, it could def be a great thing for vita owners.

abzdine2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

if you have PS+ on PS3 then you will have it automatically on vita, and if you only own a Vita and you have the line up games already you should wait before you subscribe just like i did with PS3 cause i bought it in 2007 and i already owned all games they gave for free.

GribbleGrunger2043d ago

Don't worry, there won't be a great deal of Vita games up for grabs initially. Sony have to preserve the rights for early supporters to make their money back. It's more likely to be PSP games and PS1 games to start with, and perhaps the occasionally 1st party game like Escape Plan.

ziggurcat2043d ago

DOOOOOOO.... wait a second, this isn't a vita doom article!

DivineAssault 2043d ago

Vita hasnt even began to fly yet.. Its far from doomed.. They have the best handheld features available & the best software incoming.. Getting a 3DS XL was a mistake.. I really dont want anything for it except Castlevania & Code of Princess.. My vita is getting so much more love

sway_z2043d ago (Edited 2043d ago )

It's simple fkrs!!

If you dont mind paying a premium to play online with LIVE then good for you....

If you want online gaming for free via PSN and are happy to pay a premium for extras such as free (whilst you're a member) games.....good for you too.

Now quit the bitching and STFU!!!

Finally...YES I am a PS3 owner and any talk of VITA being doomed is mostly coming from those who once adored Sony....oh how these cretins forget the joy that PS1, PS2 (consistently) and PS3 had/is giving gamers....shame on the Judas brigade.

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