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Sony launching PS3 Essentials budget range

Sony has announced a discounted range of popular games titled PS3 Essentials. (PS3, Sony)

Yi-Long  +   861d ago
Such a shame...
... that Modnation Racers still hasn't gotten a 'complete' release, including all DLC...
Grenade  +   861d ago
How many more times are they gonna release these games?
Hicken  +   861d ago
Until there is no more demand for them.
Kratos_GodOfWar  +   861d ago
they could off release a god of war sage bundle similar to Wii with Wii Sport this will make super slim ps3 sell like hot cakes. this will benefit sony alot in the long run
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   861d ago
They did. It's the 39 buck pack with all gow games
Kratos_GodOfWar  +   861d ago
Not In The United State God Of War Sage bring 5 games In one bundle tell me is not a great deal for sony in united states. no ps3 exclusives games is more popular then god of war in u.s
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Yi-Long  +   861d ago
... here in Europe we didn't get the God of War pack with all the games.

A shame, cause I only really ever played the first PSP game, so I would have picked up that pack immediately.

Has it been released in Asia btw!? I'll be in Hong Kong at the end of the year, buying a new PS3 and new games.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   861d ago
Than please tell me what this is blessda1, if it isn't all of the God of War games for the United States?

Kratos_GodOfWar  +   861d ago
@Forbidden_Darkness The God of war saga needs to be in 250gb or 500gb for the super slim ps3 bundle because uncharted is not more popular then god of war in united states and for Europe Is Gt5 xl bundle
josephayal  +   861d ago
Nothing can beat PS3 EXCLUSIVES
kingPoS  +   861d ago
I'm all for cheaper editions for newcomers, but why does sony cover much of the art with tacky boarders most of time.
ExCest  +   861d ago
To make you want the older version and to get more money. It's a conspiracy, man!
DivineAssault  +   861d ago
Soy has been kicking A$$ lately! they rocked every convention for 2 straight years.. Theyre way to under appreciated.. Vita & PS3 are hands down the best.. May not sell as well due to mass market fetishes but to me, its no competition that they have the best software

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