There are 8 different Halo 4 UK pre-order deals

Eurogamer writes: If you want all of Halo 4's UK pre-order extras, you'll need to buy the game from eight separate shops.

Game shop chains GAME and HMV got the best loot.

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GearSkiN2252d ago

This question is not for uk. But anybody found out what walmart preorder armor gonna be?


Can I have the one with everything and how much will it cost?

Being a halo fan, I want to play all of Halo, with everything in the box.. not chopped off bits I am going to need to get off ebay because of MS.

Ok, I know they are mostly skins and stuff for MP online, but it's still really really annoying.

Allsystemgamer2252d ago

I'm sure ms will make them available as dlc or a bonus for those who purchase a continuous spartan ops pass.

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Waiting for trains sucks -.- I hate transit

ZeroChaos2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I always hate these sort of promotional DLC's where each retail gets a small portion each.

While clever, its stupid.

Allsystemgamer2251d ago

Meh I have friends who don't care about the incentives so I jut got them to preorder at diff stores. I get zee codes :3