PS All-Stars Battle Royale Cross Play Beta Invites Are Going Out

DualShock Nexus: It appears that users who got to partake in the private beta earlier this summer have been invited back for some more Battle Royale on either the PS3 or PS Vita!

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Rikuson12251d ago

Why the heck does this beta have less characters than the private beta? I wanted to play with at least some new characters like jak or ratchet but instead they removed sly.. my favorite character in the private beta

Falconer2251d ago

Beggars can't be choosy.

Ron_Danger2251d ago

I'm guessing they removed him in order to tweak him a little. He's by far the cheapest character right now. The times that I played with him I easily got at least 10 kills. With everyone else, I usually get 5-8 kills a round.

flavorbabies2251d ago

I don't think that is the sole reason for him not being included. His level 3 super is still problematic even in the more recent cross play builds.

Twisted_H3art2251d ago

I got it and played 2 games online it was the same as on the ps3.

Ron_Danger2251d ago

Just played 3 rounds at work with a coworker watching on my Vita and It looks and plays exactly like the PS3 version!!

SAE2251d ago

Would love to play it especially in vita ..
Anyone Wont use his code and waNt to share ?.. ^^

Ron_Danger2251d ago

Easiest way to get one is to always click the "send me offers via email" on the user sign up for PSN. I've been in almost every beta Sony has offered since the launch of PS3 and I've never actually gone to any specific beta sign up website.

SAE2251d ago

i have a lots of accounts , they never send me a beta code unless i search hard in the internet and try to get one , i have been playing since 2007 -.- ...

soraalam12251d ago

Hmmm... I didn't get one yet and I was in the earlier beta (US)

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