Halo 4 - Preview - Mature-Gaming

Alex 'Alaric' Lemcovich takes a deeper look at Halo 4 and asks whether this title can fulfil fan expectations. Video preview included.

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Muffins12232278d ago

Garbage reviewer...makes no sense in what he says

TripC502277d ago

I didn't make it past "Okie-dokie"
Pretty pictures though.

MattS2277d ago

The website says "mature gamer"

The swearing in the preview says "immature critic"

mobiusoneac42277d ago

Mature games for mature gamers such as themselves.

wwm0nkey2277d ago

This is from the same guy who trashed the Halo: CEA game because it was the exact same as the original game....even though that was the point of it.....

Ciral2277d ago

So if a developer made a game that was badly put together, had terrible voice acting, and shitty gameplay, it would be fine as long as they MEANT to do that?

Just because 343 intended HALO:CEA to be just like the old game doesn't make it ok to replaster it with new graphics and sell it on for close to full retail price. This guy's reaction to it is a bit extreme, but I can see what he's getting at. 343 should've done something like HALO 4 to begin with instead of copying Bungie's work.

wwm0nkey2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

Halo CE was badly put together, had terrible voice acting and shitty gameplay? I have no idea what game you were playing then.

Also the point of the game was to NOT change anything, Halo CE is a classic and you do NOT change a classic. Also to many new players they simply can not get into it due to the graphics, its a sad truth but a lot of new gamers are pretty shallow.

What 343 did (it was actually Saber Interactive who made Halo CEA) was no different than any other HD re-release out there except they actually put new textures and remastered sound track in there rather than do a HD upscale. So does 343 or Saber Interactive really deserve to flack for doing something MORE than the recent trend of HD re-releases? I mean you don't expect for those HD re-releases to have new gameplay do you? Because I sure as hell am not and do not want SotC or ICO to have different gameplay mechanics.

I think you are the reviewers problem is that you two were expecting it to be a new game which is like expecting a new game out of the SotC/ICO or Splinter Cell HD collection. The only thing Saber Interactive did was make a HD re-release but add in a new version of the sound track, new textures, terminals and skulls.

lategamer2277d ago

The game was $40. That's almost half price, or 1/3 off the normal price of full game.

And what do you expect from a remake? You want a company to change something gamers love. The game was meant to be for the fans, if you weren't a fan of the original, don't play it. Its obvious you won't like it.

And 343i didn't make Halo CE, they only supervised. Saber Interactive and Certain Affinity made CEA.

Ciral2276d ago

No, Anniversary didn't have bad qualities to it. It was a great game.

For me, it doesn't matter who did what, whether it was 343 Industries (even though they looked keen enough to endorse it as a piece of their work), Sabre Interactive, or whoever. The principle I hold against Anniv hasn't changed: taking someone else's work - even your own - and using the framework as a means to repeat what's already been done and expect to make another solid impact (and profit) shows a lack of creativity that doesn't suit anyone who claims to represent the Halo franchise.

It's a great franchise with a deep and fascinating universe full of stories to tell, and 343 endorsed Anniversary as their arrival piece.

Sorry, I played HALO:CE a lot (and still do) because I loved it, but seeing someone else come along and try to steal a portion of that success instead of make something new and interesting - which 343, Sabre, and whoever else, are more than talented enough to do by the way - is a crap excuse for a remake.

I don't think we can agree here, but I just have to get that point across. I think the writer knows 343 have got the skillset to do better and he, like me, was disappointed with how they announced their presence with H:A. Halo 4 still looks like it'll be good, though.

gazzara2277d ago

Thank you for the comments and I really didn't think one of our writers could stir up this sort of reaction.

I presume that you have all seen the WHOLE preview because if you did then you would actually realise that he is complementing Halo 4 and 343 Industries in what appears to be a fine addition to the Halo franchise. Just thought I would throw that out there.

His references to Halo CEA where that there was an extra couple of cut scenes in there that, in his mind, tainted what was already a flawless game and perhaps a straight up HD remake would have been the better choice.

I understand that people will have their own opinions on things and perhaps reading between the lines of the first couple of minutes may make you think that he was slating the game. He was not, you merely have to reach the end of the preview to figure that one out.

Alex can be cutting at times but his style of writing etc gives him an edge that we like and will support him 100%.

wwm0nkey2277d ago

Hey its really no issue to be honest I just simply disagree with the guys opinion, which is to be expected of really any opinion on the internet lol