Super HD Pictures of PS3 Super Slim

Check out these super high quality pictures of the new PS3 model just announced, you can see every detail in these high res images. Click the images in the post to view full HD pictures of the new console -

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ame222155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

"I'm sexy and I know it.."

Irishguy952155d ago

Definitely looks nicer than the old slim

mewhy322155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

I strongly disagree with it looking better than the old slim. I have the 'old' slim and i'd much rather have the front loading drive and 'non' corregated top. I think this new model, in comparison to my 'old' slim, looks cheap. That drive lid is paper thin and this new model doesn't even have an wireless network led indicator? What's up with that? I'm sure it'll work great and make Sony some big profits because of it's cheaper construction but nicer than the 'old' slim it is not.

darthv722155d ago

it reminds me of an old console style record player. You slide the top to the side and there is the turntable (yeah I know, i'm old).

As to the style, i really like it. I have the 80gb fat and have been toying with the idea of getting another in the slim design. Now this one is making me consider it more and more but now the tough part of, do I get an existing slim or this one.

I sure would like more information on if these new units are user changeable on the hdd or if these are now closed to a specific size.

It really wouldnt matter in my decision, I would just like to know.

Felinox2155d ago

Looks nicer, but id rather they decreased the overall footprint than thickness.

ForRealz172154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )


I completely agree. The new model looks cheap. No thanks.

darthv722154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

that's what people said about the first slim when compared to the original.

not saying that it will change your mind but it shouldnt matter what it looks like so long as it plays the games that you enjoy.

Genesis went through 5 official changes from the model 1 to the model 2 to the model 3 and the cdx and even the nomad. They all still played the same games.

If you are worried about the look then that is really petty.

humbleopinion2154d ago

Indeed. Can't say if it's the piano black like finish, but this is the classiest design for any console I've seen to date.

It reminds me the most some of the well designed hi-end speaker manufacturers. It's like something coming from a Bang & Olufsen or Bose catalog!

SolidStoner2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

I still think the most important part is the guts not the looks, and since old Fat PS3 had most guts, its the best forever! ;)

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MrWonderful2155d ago

"no shoes no shirt and I still get service watch!"

GuyThatPlaysGames2155d ago

What's next? The super-duper slim? -__-

Irishguy952155d ago Show
darthv722155d ago

it goes old school and becomes like the sony disc-man portable. It could happen.

Or better yet. Like they did with the PSOne being small enough to attach a screen to it.

I just got one for $30 and that thing is sweet (even if its just a PS1).

Muerte24942155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

you're probably to young to remember but Sony has done the with every one of their home consoles. Also I'm alot more interested in the price point of the 12gb model that EU is getting. I'm thinking that's coming in at about $199.99. The smaller you can make something the more efficient it performs while consuming less power. You are performing a discredit to Irish people when you spout things like that.

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Shaman2155d ago

Looks like garbage can from 90s...Seriously, this looks good to you guys? Wow...

FragMnTagM2155d ago

They should have canned the george foreman grill look with the first slim, now the second slim looks even more like a grill.

If you want to make a grill Sony, just friggin make one. Leave your console design to someone who is not hungry all the time.

Muerte24942155d ago

It doesn't matter it was the best looking piece of hardware ever because of the four letter word on it. We get it Shaman, you hate anything Sony. But there must be something drawing you back again and again to SONY articles.

Shaman2154d ago

So find those posts of me "hating on Sony". I liked fatty and FF13 slim is to me finest looking console this gen, but this, outside of render images, looks like cheap garbage can from 90s. The whole internet is disgusted except couple of hardcore fanboys who can't deal with the fact that console released 6 years ago got ugly redesign.

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Baka-akaB2155d ago

Someone needs to post a pic of the disc slot opened

darkknight09962155d ago

Yes I want to see it too.
do anyone have an idea who it works.

RivetCityGhoul2155d ago

go to IGN, they have an unboxing

tubers2154d ago

Saw it and it looks so damn cheap.

Glossy plastic is just ugh.

The cover for the disc is ugh!

Guys do check the IGN video unboxing.

The ONLY thing I like is the smaller foot print.

abzdine2155d ago

seems very small. i'm looking forward to see it for real. Definitely better looking than the slim one.

abzdine2155d ago

if u compare it to the vita next to it it is small.
i'd prefer them to make it even smaller by putting the electric box out like PStwo. The only thing that is annoying is that it looks pretty "cheap" made of plastic.

user77927882155d ago

"Super HD" is an accurate representation of said article and pictures


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